say Grace for: alligator pears

imagesCAF624DPI picked my first one a few years ago.  It was in California where 90% of the nation’s crop grows.  The great state of California has over 7,000 alligator pear groves. That is, pear shape, bumpy green skin………..aka  the avocado.   Hold onto the edge of your skirt Nelly, 1.6 Billion avocados were consumed in the United States in 2012.   A huge shout out to all the grove workers.  Every single 1.6 Billion with a B, alligator pears are picked by hand.  That my friend is a lot of hard, dirty, hot work to bring the lovely piece of fiber packed fruit to my table.  Not to mention the vitamin B6, C, E, potassium & magnesium.  Geesh, these beauties are amazing, creamy, and oh so good (except NOT to chickens, they are a NO NO).

I learned the words, alligator pear while reading a book by Jennifer L. Holm.  Newberry Honor Book, “Turtle in Paradise”.  Set in Key West,  (gorgeous by the way, spent a lovely 98* Thanksgiving there one year), Florida and the year is 1935 and jobs and money are scarce.  It is one of those books that you want to have a couple of kiddos to read aloud to.  It is very well written and moves along at a quick pace.  As you are reading, the author makes you believe you are sitting at a metal and wood school desk, doodling with your finger as your third grade teacher reads aloud to the entire class.  Throughout the 183 pages, you are somehow barefoot and running like a happy child discovering an unexpected world.  This book is so worth your time.  Hey, you know on the back of a book where it suggests the age range 8-12?  Disregard that, check out the book next time you are at your library.  Fall into the book and wiggle your toes in the goodness.  I highly recommend spending some of your summer reading on this book, yes, that good.

I happen to be one of those people who LOVE Breakfast for dinner.  I have no idea why.  Either you are or you aren’t. So you choose if you continue reading or you can skip out now and go paint your toenails a splashy, fun summer orangey (yes, that is a word) color, I am totally good with either.  Heck, I will never know if you finish reading this fascinating look at the amazing breakfast burritos made with alligator pears or not.  Your call.

Breakfast Burritos.  I ask you, you among us doesn’t like them?  Goofy, silly, weirdos that’s who.  No offense to you weirdos out there.  ha.    Instead of reinventing the burrito, I will share the site I visit and make my own version.  I use olive oil and whole wheat pastry flour and follow along.  They are heavenly and a treat.  They are worth the bit of small effort. tortilla However, if you want to buy some already made, no judgment at all, just get some and get them steamed and ready to fill.  Here’s the filling in our world:  use some fresh eggs and have your Mr. Right scramble them.  (BIG surprise to readers across the land, no surprise at all to my darling children……….I seem to have a little teeny, tiny bit of a problem cooking edible eggs)…okay so somehow, get someone you know to scramble you some eggs.  done.  Then start chopping.  You will need a bowl of chopped onions, and a bowl of chopped spinach, and a bowl of chopped tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, chives, go wild, use what you have, don’t forget some mushrooms and here’s where it gets luscious………..take a couple or four, of alligator pears and chop those lovelies up.  imagesCAF3CJEG Now, have someone help out the kitchen staff by setting a great table.  Yes, you need a center piece.  Makes it a lovely visual for the meal.  I cannot tell you how many meals, while the boys were growing up that our “center piece” was a Lego display with matchbox cars.  Very nice, thank you very much.  I myself tend to lean towards a beautiful fresh bouquet of Dahlias (no scent, gorgeous color, perfect for the table), or candles or I float flowers in a pretty crystal dish….you get the idea.  Or if you have a helper and they choose Legos or put together a really lovely Barbie display…..lucky you!  Never say no to help in the kitchen!

The beautiful part of the Breakfast Burrito is that everyone “builds their own”.  Make sure you have lots of extra napkins, this is one of those drippy, over the top, so worth the drippy running down your arm to your elbow kind of meals.  For the love of those field workers who have picked every single alligator pear by hand, Say Grace and take that first flavorful delicious bite.   Dinner conversation you ask?  How about discussing the current or recent book you have read?  Summer dinner just got a little sassy.

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