Green Goddess turns 200

Rarely do I go back and re-read one of my own blog postings.  I live it, I write it, I proof-read it, then proof-read again.  I push “publish” and I move on.  Today’s musings are a bit different.  I am writing it with the distinct possibility of coming back and reading what today held.  You already know, I like to keep playing the numbers game in my head.

Today, I gratefully celebrate day 200.  Earlier, I raised my glass of morning sunshine juice (looking for a sassier name)  up in cheers to myself.  Right now, as I type,  I lift up my second (of 3 a day) glass of green goddess juiceGreen_Goddess_by_JohnBowden-1-1_original-318x400 today in honor of my health and wellness.  I am using a jaunty orange straw.  I am going to deliberately type the next sentence while smiling.  I am proud of myself.  There I said it.  Sort of feels weird and goofy and yet, it is with pure honesty. I feel a million times more clear-headed and less afraid than I did 200 days ago.  I am counting on re-reading this blog post on day 300 and feeling 100 days healthier and even better and stronger.

I am grateful and thankful to have had lots of help along the way.  Mr. Right, is the Juice man in our house.  He has made almost all my juice.  Yes, I help wash and cut up tons (literally) of vegetables and fruits.  He is the main, go to, head honcho when it comes to piloting the Champion Juicer in our home.

Today, I celebrate the drinking of 600 carrots,600 carrots 200 red peppers, 200 oranges, 100 lemons, 16.6 feet of Turmeric root & fresh ginger, turmericabout 65 pounds of green apples, about 50 bunches of celery, at least 40 pounds of garlic, 30 bunches of Kale, 30 bunches of parsley, beets galore, pears, watermelon, tomatoes, just about any vegetable or fruit you can juice we have done so.  That is a lot of trips to the farmers markets, produce stands, grocery stores, heck, I have even ordered vegetables, roots, seeds and kernels from Amazon.

200 days ago, I gave up all meat, dairy, sugar, processed foods, lattes.  I gave  up oodles of cookbooks and cancelled my subscriptions to some publications.  In place I have researched until my eyes are tired, oodles and oodles of wellness books, I have biked over 600 miles on my bike and walked and walked and walked.  I have eaten radishes for the first time in my life on a daily basis.  I eat a clove of crushed raw garlic daily.   I eat apricots and prunes and apples.  Oh my the apples.  Not a huge fan, but it is a daily quest to consume one of Sleeping Beauty’s gems.  I have read, checked out and purchased so many books, it boggles the mind.

Health insurance is not.  Yes, that is the sentence I am going to stick with.  Very good quality, premiums paid, Health insurance is for the sick and medicine and operations and pills, lots of pills.  Health insurance does not pay for vegetables and fruits.  Health insurance does not pay the Supplement shop we regularly visit.  Nor does it pay for feather pillows, new walking sandals, dirt to grow your own vegetables, a juicer, a new Blendtec, a brand new drinking/cooking water system.  Health insurance does not pay for an exercise bike, nor funny movie rentals, fresh eggs or the internet service to look up something funny each day.  Health insurance does not pay for a new yoga mat.  Health insurance does not pay for stretch bands, or uplifting music or massages.  While I am looking for a new name for my morning sunshine juice, maybe it’s time we stop calling it Health Insurance and call it what it is?  Sick Insurance.  Thankfully we have an insurance envelope for our monthly budget.  On the outside of the envelope it reads. Health and Wellness.

 With a grateful heart, Cheers to good health!untitled

7 thoughts on “Green Goddess turns 200

  1. pattilynne50

    I like how you think…health insurance my eye!!!!!!!!
    Sending you a pat on the back and congratulations for 200 days on improving health — looking forward to how HEALTHY you will be on day 300. 🙂
    Happy to be sharing your journey….

    1. hey girlfriend, thanks a million for helping me to celebrate. I received the nicest, most thoughtful card in the mail today. Really made my celebration even sweeter! You are the best. Thanks for helping me to heal and find my way to wellness. Yes, I will gladly celebrate with you on day 300! Hugs to you my friend.

  2. I am staggered by the quantities of fresh fruit and vegetables and am imagining that you look as shiny and wonderful as all that gorgeous produce. And, yes, health insurance needs to work harder at the keeping well and being well business so that it can live up to its ‘health’ name!!!

  3. I am amazed by your post and what you are doing to care for yourself. We should all take the example to treat our bodies like such a temple. Here’s to more vegetables, more juice and lots more sunshine! xo Joanne

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