Say Grace for the Orange Blossom Special

While looking up photos for this post, I came across a beauty.  Here she is, the Orange Blossom Special.  For me, she conjures up all sorts of stories and tales.  Makes me want to believe that if I had taken a trip on the “special”, I would have worn a sassy hat to match my travelling outfit.  I would have pulled out my black note book and written down many factoids and musings and glorious amounts of doodles during my adventure.train

From antiquity to present day, the sweet-smelling orange blossom is considered to bring good fortune to a wedding. Queen Victoria brought the orange blossom tradition into modern times when she chose to wear a wreath of the blossoms for her 1840 wedding to Prince Albert. The importance of the orange blossom as a wedding tradition can be traced back to the mythology of the ancient Greeks and Romans.  If you look at my parent’s wedding photos, you can see the veil my mother wore.  It was attached to a crown of orange blossoms. orange blossom one

As of late, we have had rather warm weather.  While still drinking morning juice and three glasses of green goddess juice throughout the day, by the time dinner rolls around, something cool and refreshing sounds divine.  Last night, we shared a luscious treat that was both refreshing and you guessed it, good for you.  It is so good in fact, you won’t want to tell the little people at your table that it is over the moon, healthy.  The vitamins from the healthy ingredients will be our little secret.   Using a jaunty orange straw didn’t hurt the presentation one little bit.

Without further ado, let’s make an Orange Blossom Special!  I came across this recipe from a new to me blog,

DSCN1495Into your Blendtec or Vita Mix or high-speed blender you will want to put 2 peeled and cut up oranges, (side note: The white part of the rind, including the pith, has nearly the same amount of vitamin-C as the flesh and contains sources of pectin. The pith, part of the protection layer for the orange, contains high levels of fiber, anti-cancer agents and important bioflavonoids.  It also contains hesperidin which helps to protect the heart by lowering blood pressure and regulating cholesterol levels. So please, leave on a bit of the white part while peeling.)   pulse a few times to get them going then add: 1 scrubbed (vegetable peelers are vitamin stealers) carrot, 5-10 frozen strawberries and filtered water to the consistency that you love.  Add a jaunty straw and it is time to SAY GRACE.  For the love of those sweet-smelling orange blossoms, make two smoothies and share with someone you love.  Your toes will curl up in  pure delight and once you taste the sweet, citrus flavor, experience the luscious texture and gorgeous summer color, you will be making that very unladylike slurping sound at the end of your glass with the straw, lickity split.

ps.  I have had “Miss Florida” on my brain each day this week.  Thinking of her makes me think of the lovely orange blossoms and pure goodness.  I lift my glass of Orange Blossom Special to her!

7 thoughts on “Say Grace for the Orange Blossom Special

  1. I love oranges though they’re not my fruit of choice during summer. There’s just too many other wonderful fruits around! But I love the sounds of this and will have to get me some oranges soon! xo Joanne

  2. I am eating lovely fresh oranges now. Not juiced, just fresh, as is. I would love to have some orange blossom too but it’s a bit late for that once the fruit is out; sigh!

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