color blind

I live in the great state of Washington.  Now, whoa Nelly.  That does not mean that every person and idea coming out of this state is indeed, great.  Take for example the latest rhubarb to get started in the city of Seattle.     Among the words considered “potentially offensive”: is the word,  brown bag. The Office of Civil Rights contends that those words could potentially offend, “brown bag” supposedly has racial connotations rather than simply being about the color of a paper bag used to carry one’s lunch. “It used to be a way people could judge skin color,” said Elliott Bronstein of the Office of Civil Rights. The city recommends people use the terms “lunch-and-learn” or “sack lunch.”

REALLY?  Are these people teasing me?  Is this a SNL skit that I am in the middle of?  I think the younger generation calls it “being punked”.    I can’t even stop laughing long enough to take this serious.  Oh, don’t worry, plenty and I do mean plenty of folks are fussing over this.  They don’t even care that I can’t stop giggling.  The city council needs a wake up call.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.  How about if each one of the city council members has to come to an ordinary citizen’s home, one school morning at say, 5:15 am?  They will need to offer their help in getting, let’s say three kids (normal variety, all colors, different languages, different ages)  first awake, then….cleaned, beds made, hair and teeth taken care of, back packs ready, find shoes for all three, deal with the morning attitudes (because you know there is going to be one or two melt downs) breakfast not just made, but EATEN and while all that is going on, pack lunches for all three kids.  (just three innocent, sweet, adorable kids), food that they will eat and that they should be eating.  No, not the “incredible” non edible lunchable, a real honest to goodness lunch that will help their brains and bodies grown.  Then, put said lunches into say, one Hello Kitty lunch box (nothing offensive there), one Spiderman lunch box (again, innocent) and for the junior high human……………..”a lunch and learn” bag.  REALLY?  Come a little closer, I need to WOMP (yes, that is a Batman term) you up side of the head with my flip-flop.  Geesh, wake up man!

dogsOne of the beautiful things about my job………….Yes, you didn’t know?  I actually own a real business.  Been working in the black (is that offensive? no, it is amazing!) since 2006!  I actually worked all day long yesterday. (my customers have been incredibly tolerant of my schedule and the amount of time I have had to take off this year)  Mr. Right and I are the owners.   Okay, here is the run down: taxes, paperwork, new labels, baking, more baking,  wording, recipes, license(s) yes, I have yearly licenses for the business and  for the scale I use, ingredients, rules, did I mention small business taxes, oh yes I did.  Here, four words sum it up……..I bake for dogs.  Did I mention that I LOVE my job?  Well, I do.  I love it.  I own it.  I run it.  It makes me smile.  It makes me happy.    Here’s the beautiful part…………I love, I mean it, LOVE every single one of my customers.  They all have tails that wag.  NOT one customer has complained.  EVER.  period.  They have never, ever, once complained about the names I call the treats.  Not one grumble about my wording when describing said treats.  Not one complaint about the BROWN bags that I or Mr. Right deliver or mail them in.  No siree.  Not one complaint.   My amazing grace filled customers are,  hold onto your hats…………………………..brown, black, tan, mixed colored, white, red, golden, dirty brown, clean, dirty, educated and have been to school and some have not.   Incase you were wondering, one of  the beautiful parts about dogs, they don’t see color.

So today, when one of my brand new customers receives her BROWN craft bag (NO it is not a Lunch and Learn bag nor do I call it a sack) with the orange tissue, and sweet ribbon with paw prints and the clear bag of AMAZING, NATURAL, HOMEMADE dog treats…….I can guarantee her companion will not care one single bit about the color of anything.  They will smell the pure goodness that was baked into those treats.  imagesCAUJB9V8golden girl

Unlike some “Office of Civil Rights” members, dogs only see the good in people.  We just have to live up to their expectations.  The dogs, not the civil rights members.  Thus ends another rant.

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    I tried to post a comment a few times but got a message: sorry this comment could not be posted. Not sure what’s going on but here is my comment…

    *Oh, FOR THE LOVE…just another example of how MAD our world is! * *(For you dog lovers out there, get a batch of treats from Dog Leg Desserts…your four-legged friend(s) will love you for it!)*

    On Thu, Aug 15, 2013 at 9:30 AM, Sunday’s Child wrote:

    > ** > Sunday’s Child (trying to be full of grace). posted: “I live in the > great state of Washington. Now, whoa Nelly. That does not mean that every > person and idea coming out of this state is indeed, great. Take for > example the latest rhubarb to get started in the city of Seattle. Among > the words considered”

    1. Okay, sorry, wacky weird that the post would not allow a comment. geesh, I have such a love/hate relationship with technology. Glad you powered through and left a note.
      Thanks for listening to me rant and rave. Thanks for not saying out loud you think I am a crazy dog lady who is 61. ha
      Hugs. D

  2. “lunch and learn”? What an odd name. In New York, decades ago, I heard the term’ to brown bag’ for the first time. So will New Yorkers not use that term now either? Here we call them paper bags or brown paper bags. It is the paper rather than the colour that seems to be the important part.

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