boys can wear bracelets & live to tell about it

imagesCA68HTJQHis arms are out stretched and he says nothing.  My hands are working, twisting, fixing, fussing over his cuff links.  You know how this goes.  It is a very man thing.  Then there is me, standing near the window with two pair of boy socks.  Squinting, twisting and fussing to figure out if they are black or “throw caution to the wind” wild man, navy blue.   I am talking about a man, who has worn the same brand, style and size jeans for over thirty years.  When he bought a pair of cargo shorts, both grown boys “begged” me to not allow their Dad to iron the shorts with creases.  haha.

If you open his closet, you will not see a rainbow of colors.  What you WILL find is: black, blue, green, gray, brown and white.  The shoes are black & brown. Sneakers with blue and sitting next to those are new granite (he calls them dark gray) sandals.

Last night around 10 pm, Mr. Right asked me if I had his friendship bracelet ready.  I said yes.  It felt like an out-of-body experience as I saw my hands knotting and adjusting an orange friendship bracelet on this man of mine.  Other than a watch and his wedding ring…….the only jewelry I have seen him wear is a scratchy, brightly dyed pasta necklace that one of the boys made him during Sunday School.  fyi:  he wore it during church and the dye from the pasta ruined the collar of his one and only white dress shirt and it was a huge amount of money for us to replace it.  Of course he said it was totally worth it and he would do it again.

DSCN1560This morning when I saw him cutting up veggies for my morning juice, the word swoon came to mind.   Not just that he agreed to wear, in his words,  a “girlie” bracelet.  That he is the kind of man who will gladly pray for our friend and her mission team and trip.   A man who will wear a bracelet of orange thread and a jaunty aqua bead, in the name of friendship is (swoon again) a man who deserves the best back rub, EVER!  I chose wisely.

This morning at 4:00 am EST, our friend Miss Florida began her mission trip to Texas. (by the way, she has a brand new blog and I am sure she would love for you to take a peak  ) Before she left, she shared an email that a lady had sent her.  One of the sentences caught my eye.      To go well you must be sent well.

With our bracelets on, all of us (boys and girls) we wish you well.  We pray for your safe travels.  May you bathe the town and it’s people with grace and love.  Sort of like perfume, if you spill some, you are bound to get some on yourself. May you be covered in Grace and Love.

Be of good courage my friend &  know that you go with oodles and oodles of prayers.


your bracelet wearing warriors!

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