“how I spent my weekend”

Without reviewing every single nuance of our weekend………thus sounding like the infamous “how I spent my summer” essay, I want to share a little of our adventure.

DSCN1573Sunday, Mr. Right and I had the privilege of exploring the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge.
 It is an amazing four mile walk.  I say walk because it is mostly a path made of a boardwalk (yes, wheel chair and creaky knees VERY friendly).   There is also a bit of well-tended, flat gravel pathway.   To be standing in the middle of nature, pretty much sooths your soul.  It restores and fills up the pitcher you have inside yourself.
  This is an extremely popular place for birders.  Yes, the real thing.  They are serious.  They have the equipment and the clothing and the little note books and the hats.  It is rather fascinating to watch them follow their passion with such enthusiasm.  They speak in whispered tones.  DSCN1593
 Each year more and more birds are wintering over in this Delta.  This estuary was restored in 2009 by removing dikes and reconnecting 762 acres with the tides of Puget Sound.  It is a biologically rich and diverse area.   The trails are broken up and connected at the same time.
  Any meeting of a river and a sea is a place of change…It will be proof of our ability to survive…if we learn to respect wild places like the Nisqually Delta, to trust them for their naturalness, and to love them for their power to move us.   Victor Scheffer, Scholar and Author
DSCN1601Of course the fresh air and walk whet our appetites, so the picnic found inside our cooler was the perfect treat at the end of our Sunday walk.  We saw some incredible birds and enjoyed the perfect quiet of nature.  It restored our souls.  We were both grateful and thankful for the healing and restorative powers of nature.
ps.  we took two kiddos 8th grade and 6th grade…school shopping, we worked in the yard, we shopped for vegetables and fruit, we ate Sushi, we rented a movie, Mr. Right gave Libby a spa bath, I cleaned the chicken palace, we did laundry and household chores, we got to chat with brother and sister-in-law for their birthdays. somehow the weekend slipped away.  All of that AND we forgot to buy Almond milk.  geesh.  That is sort of how weekends go around here.

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