welcome home, Miss Florida

Miss Florida is back in the great state of well, Florida.

They ended their adventure with a 10 hour road trip.  We were lucky enough to have a little back and forth text messaging, near the home stretch.  4 hours ’til home.  60 minutes ’til home.  home, safe and sound.

She went, she helped, she came back better, richer, fuller.  Her pictures are worthy of a look-see.  http://sunnymissflorida.wordpress.com/

Thank you to all who played/prayed along.  Thank you for wearing the bracelets.  It was a fun and happy way to support our friend, Kathy.  Thanks for joining me.  The prayers helped her.  They kept her safe and carried her home.  We helped in the mission.

While I know she is reunited with her sweet dog, Penny and all is well, I still have on the bracelet.  I sort of have grown accustom to it.  It is still a pretty orange.  I love thinking of our old quilting days.  I love dreaming about all the new adventures we will climb together.

Even though girlz love the bracelet idea, a certain boy did not relish it.  Mr. Right loves Miss Florida.  He wore the bracelet.  The things that man does for me, (heart skips a beat here)   The moment I got the text that she was home safe…..

bracelet 2bracelet

8 thoughts on “welcome home, Miss Florida

  1. 6ncounting

    Too funny…I too still have my orange bracelet on. I too have become accustomed to wearing it. I am glad Miss Florida has made it home safe. Thank you for including her blog address, I would love to read about her adventures and what our prayers supported her in doing.

    Blessings, Carmen

  2. I still have mine on, too. I love the togetherness that I feel when I wear it. Thank you so much for your prayers and for your friendship. I’m still in the afterglow of the trip. My memories are still unfolding as I think of the different healing events of the week.

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