I dont’ get it

Things I don’t get:

1. Syria and how/why we should be involved.

2.  Why I want the teenagers who murdered the 88-year-old veteran in Spokane, to come to my home and scrub my kitchen floor and sweep my circular driveway and keep doing chores until I figure out the perfect punishment to fit the crime.  Oh, they make my blood boil.

3.  Why I loved watching “Sister Wives” last year, this year not so much.  Too much crying. Maybe they are sad they are the sister wives?

4.  Why manufacturers use carcinogens in children’s back packs?  Why is this a good idea?  Why didn’t they ask my opinion on this?

5.  Why so many people think processed “milk, dairy… does a body good” (it does not) and actually believe that 2% or 1% fat is really that.  urgh

6.  Why people continue to ask the ridiculous question “where do you get your protein”?  Almost too dumb to answer.  fyi, here is my answer,  I get my protein where your protein get’s its protein. I know how much I need and get, do you?   geesh

wet hen7.  Why I am still so frustrated, upset, nervous, mad as a wet hen (yes, I have seen one), did I mention nervous and up tight, and twisted and HATE medical appointments?

8.  Why, this year, the moles love our backyard, so much.

9.  Why I don’t have a “Hope Jar”?  You know a place to put little slips of paper that give hope.  Maybe I should start one.  Maybe I should send slips of paper that I have written a sentence or two about hope to someone who needs it.

10.  Why is it so difficult to find really great lotions and potions that do not have sodium laurel sulfate/sulfites in them?  I can’t be the only one who has done the research?

11. Why is penmanship and spelling correctly not a valued school lesson anymore?

12.  Why don’t they teach how to fill out your taxes in a high school class?

13.  Why don’t they teach how to answer the phone politely, rent an apartment, buy a great set of saucepans, how to buy an excellent kitchen knife, how to clean your good shoes, how to send a thank you for the interview note, how to brew a great pot of coffee, how to clean an iron, how to clean a stain off a favorite shirt, etc…..classes in high school?

14. Why can’t medical appointments all be at 6 in the morning?  Then I wouldn’t have to fret and worry and stew and be a basket case all day long.

15.  Why can’t I swim with the crowd?  I always have to swim up-stream.  Maybe if I wore a silly costume, it wouldn’t seem so hard?


5 thoughts on “I dont’ get it

  1. A wet hen; very evocative description! Here’s a random thought. Salmon swim up- stream…it’s how they find their way home 🙂 And a silly costume might help too; especially with those tax forms!

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