i fell in love with a new man

As long as it took three pre-teen girls to burst through the bathroom door, I got caught up in their giddy energy.  It was a flash of a moment. I could actually feel their energy. The shining good karma/energy/positivity was splashing off them and around them and their feet never stopped moving.  It was delicious to be in the middle of.  I bet you are smiling just reading that?  It was pure goodness.  While standing still, leaning in towards a mirror, in a blink of an eye, right in front of my face and all around me, it was as good as it gets.

big_red-glitterSaturday afternoon, we had been dining with friends at a really lovely hotel and a very fine restaurant for a lunch treat.  We had taken a little stroll outdoors and then the girls, as girls will do together,  went to powder our noses.  As I was leaning in to freshen my lipstick, the door to the fancy schmancy ladies room burst open.  Three young girls with matching t-shirts (with Mom’s in matching t-shirts) all came in a whirlwind.  They were laughing and giggling and smiling and the high-octane energy was pouring off of them.  I am typing faster just thinking about them.  The t-shirts were a dark gray color.  On the front of each was a huge, bold, sparkly, number 13 in RED GLITTER.  On the back, again in BRIGHT RED GLITTER was the bold word RED and above that was the name, Taylor Swift in swirly cursive writing.   These jumpy, excited, energized, happy is an understatement girls were over the moon thrilled with preparing to head to the Taylor Swift concert. imagesCAPZBE75 We were located about an hour away from the venue.  It was 3 o’clock pm and the concert wasn’t to commence until 7 pm.  That is a LOT of energy build up to that moment.   I hope they had the time of their lives!

Sunday morning, while skimming the paper, I fell in love with another man.  Yep, Mr. Right knew the moment it happened.  I was reading about him and I fell hard.  He is around 38-40 years old.  He lives in Spokane, Washington………….which is about 4.5 hours away from Tacoma, Washington.  About 292 miles.  This new love of my life……….drove his daughter, age 9 and a couple of her friends to the Tacoma Dome to attend the Taylor Swift concert.  See?  Don’t you love him?  Don’t you just love a man, who will drive that many miles, I am guessing listening only to Taylor Swift pop/country music the entire way and giggling girls all chattering at once, smiling and laughing with that high-pitched voice that only 9 and 10-year-old girls can manage?  Don’t you love that man because he ATTENDED said concert along with 20,000 people, most who were I would imagine, screaming uncontrollably? Then and only then, after the concert, did he stand in line for new t-shirts etc., did he listen as they replayed the entire “amazing” concert all 4.5 hours home.  See, you just fell in love with him too?  Right? imagesCAUODLE9  That is one fine man.  Nothing sexier than a man with a bit of red glitter on him.

It makes me happy to know almost all 20,000 fans were screaming and singing along, knowing every single word were happy.  It makes me tickled RED, that there are really good men out there who will take their daughters and friends.  Pure goodness.  Yes Virginia, it doesn’t get much sweeter.