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My library book bag was full to overflowing.  I was lugging it around the library last night.  I came around a corner to snag the suggested book from son number two, and standing there, looking befuddled, were three high school “gentlemen”.  A little rough around the edges, trying their hardest to look not just cool but “Fonzy cool”.  Oh don’t for one moment get me wrong, they were very polite to me.  They said excuse me and called me ma’am.  Good kids, just fish out of water.  No part of their body language suggested that they were comfortable in a library.  I overheard a bit of their conversation.  “He said, get a book, any book, your choice, bring it to class tomorrow.”  So that was their mission.  Get a book. 

As I circled around the library to find my “boyfriend” to carry my book bag, while I picked up just a couple more for the week….I ran into them again, they had found one of the librarians and were telling him that they needed a book.  Central casting could not have done better.  He was a very thin, pale, quiet, highly intelligent, shirt tucked in, librarian, and looked like he had met his match.  He did ask if they have any hobbies or interests.  One said music, “I like music”.  One said, “I want to read about serial killers”.  …..With that, folks, the school year has begun.

So here is a jaunty tip of the hat to that school teacher.  He get’s it.  Read.  period.  I don’t care what you read.  Just read.  Our boys went through the dinosaur phase, the comic book phase, the goose bump book phase, the Faye Kellerman phase………….and on and on.  Here’s to a new school year of reading and enjoying what you read!

Oh and because our dinner was going to be a little later than usual, I had prepared a quick, & easy, appetizer to savor before we headed to the library.  I made Savory Stuffed Cucumbers.  Looks good, and with one bite the flavor will gently surprise you and I can almost guarantee you will be reaching for a second or third.DSCN1753

I made this for two, but easy enough to multiply the recipe.  You will need 1 peeled and hollowed out cucumber.    Set aside.  In a very small bowl, mix the following:  2 Tablespoons cooked and cooled quinoa, 2 Tablespoons Hummus, some grated carrot, 1 chopped fresh picked cherry tomato, garlic powder and sea salt.  Once mixed, put it into a zip lock bag.  Snip off the corner and pipe your mixture into the cucumber.  Toss the bag and slice the cuke.  Done.  See, I told you it was going to be easy.

Once home, with oodles and stacks of “new” books for the week, we could hardly wait to dive in.  We said Grace, ate dinner, and prepared things and did chores for today.  Those books were calling our names.  Here’s to that really good teacher, trying, yet again, even in the last years of high school to get his students to read!  Here’s to all the parents and teachers out there that value education and know its worth.

As I was helping clean up the kitchen, I popped one last stray stuffed cucumber into my mouth.  When I sat down and cracked open one of my new books, “Salvation in Death” by JD Robb, for an instant I thought of the young man in the library.  I hope he opens his serial killer book and falls into the pages and time slips by.    Nothing better than a good book.  Here’s to a brand new school year!  May the year be full of amazing books.

“Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend.  Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.”  Groucho Marx

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  1. We were just talking about books at the dinner table. Jim mentioned Jurassic Park to my grandson (age 12) who has already seen the movie. Wonder if he’ll read it next?
    I need a good, easy, fun read. No heavy duty stuff. Any suggestions?

    1. Oh boy! I could talk books for hours and hours. Okay, fun, easy read……… it.
      “The Blossom Sisters” by Fern Michaels…silly, fun, happy, uplifting, easy & fast read. You will fall into the pages, and love every moment. Certainly worth your time. enjoy your escape.
      Thanks for checking in.
      Hugs, D

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