sewing mends my soul

With our weather screaming and stomping her feet, today is the perfect day to stay inside and camp out in the sewing room.   In my mind, tonight’s dinner is already done….vegan mac and cheese.  Pure comfort food.  yum-oh.  I can picture, sloppy sweatshirts and comfy casual pants and maybe a couple of fabuloso smoothies to top it off.

girl-trip16-450x333On a recent visit to a local quilt shop, my spirits were buoyed and lifted.  The ladies in the Carriage Country Quilt shop in Des Moines, Washington are both helpful & knowledgeable as well as polite & kind spirited.  Those gals really delivered simply lovely customer service.  I appreciate their friendliness, quick wit, intelligence and I value their polished charm.  I really enjoyed my time there.  Somehow they made me feel welcomed and were genuinely happy that I had stopped by.  I wasn’t a bother to them.  I felt like a valued new customer.  I look forward to returning over and over.

They helped me choose some backing fabric for a quilt I am making called Modern Crosses.  I think I have figured out who this one is for.  An idea popped into my head and I think I will go with it.  Makes me happy to know where it is going. DSCN1757 (Once quilted, a button will be sewn onto the middle of each cross.)  Then they allowed me to meander and find some treasures on my own.  While I am not a blue person, I found some blues that just grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let go.  Images of a sea themed wall hanging are swirling and twirling in my head (yes, even as I type).  Yes, I already picked out the person I am making it for. DSCN1759 I sort of already know what the label is going to look like on the finished back.  I love the process.  I love the creating.  Makes my heart sing.

I love that this shop’s owner, who by the way was lovely and friendly and uplifting, has a love for hand work.  Sometimes in the ever quickening pace of the quilting world, machine quilting is the favorite.  Not too many shops offer lots of embroidery and hand work patterns and options.  It is a true art and one that helps me calm down and do some of my best work.

What’s that?   I spy with my little eye……….a treat for myself.  Look kids, it’s an Embroidery Envelope made with wool and oodles of hand stitches.  I picked up the kit and could not put it down.  Yes, I know it was a bit pricey….way cheaper than say a monthly electric bill & less expensive than two brand new tires for a car, golly gee……… was calling my name.  Yep, my name.  Not to make for someone else.  It pronounced my name correctly and was making me feel a bit giddy and light-headed.  embroidery envelope

Today, since I am done with Friday chores, I already know how dinner is going to play out….. I am going to play with needle, thread, scissors, and felted wool all afternoon.

Sewing mends the soul. 

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