cleared for take off

phs29 students began high school at a brand new school.  The year was 1890 and the school was Puyallup High School.  Somewhere between fire, earthquakes and renovations, my sisters and I happen to attend that school.  In my class, 400 plus school mates walked those halls, passed notes, slammed lockers, fine tuned our social skills and hopefully got a bit of “learnin” for three years.  We threw our caps in the air on a June day in 1980.  To say it is steeped in tradition is putting it mildly. The Latin words are still engraved above the main doors.   Once you wear Purple and Gold, you never go back.  A PHS sweatshirt hangs in my closet as I type this.  Purple and Gold runs in my blood.  Go Viks! phs

A  highly skilled and qualified business associate of Mr. Right’s, who works out of Nevada in the hotel industry……signs his emails……on a personal note, Go Viks!

Last week, I asked a friend (yes, she attended the same High School), why she didn’t become a doctor?  She said, girls didn’t become doctors, they became nurses.  People ask me why I didn’t become a pilot.  I can answer in a similar fashion, girls don’t become pilots, they become flight attendants.

RHSToday, 419 students began their high school adventure at Raisbeck Aviation High School in Seattle, Washington.  Admission is based on grades, scores, interest in the theme of aviation, student behavior and family. Each applicant is interviewed by a panel for 90 minutes, and must complete a 12 page application where they demonstrate their writing abilities. Students must volunteer for 10 hours per year in order to graduate. Students say that this goal is easily met by volunteer opportunities offered by such student run clubs such as INTERACT and the National Honor Society. Only 100 students are accepted yearly, although in the 07-08 year 124 students were accepted. In many ways the process is like that of a private institution, except without tuition.

I wish all of the students going back to school a successful and vision filled year ahead.  I honestly hope they find the sense of belonging & tradition to an establishment such as their high school.  I really wish that among the students who focus on math and science at the new Aviation High School there are some girls working towards their dreams and goals.

The sky is not the limit.

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  1. Nancy Demko Matlock I love that school. I didn’t love the guidance counselor. I was advised that flight attendant would be a great plan. My response wasn’t very lady like. . I hope he eventually learned to open the student folder, ask students about their interests and memorized the definition of guidance.

  2. Kathie

    Our children’s Grandma Lois attend PHS (and graduated from Washington State College) as well as our Miss Steffanie and Erik. WE lived and breathed purple and gold for years!!! GO VIKS!!!!

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