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The phone rings late at night.  As a parent, your breathing stops just for the time it takes to answer the phone.  I heard Mr. Right’s voice go into that “parental octave”.  If you are a parent, you know what I am talking about.  Serious, clipped, short answers, direct, not quite but almost on the edge of giving orders. Not only  is there a hitch in your breathing, your heart stops for a moment in time.  Even after 30 some years………….you never stop being the person that can instantly change into the parent role.  Presto Change-Oh!

wa statePicture this, you are winding down for the evening. A little popcorn, a little reading.  The dog is calm. The house is buttoned up for the night.  Then the dreaded phone rings.  Son number one left the great state of Washington for the great state of Alabama yesterday morning, so of course we have been thinking/praying/sending good karma his way the entire day.alabama

flat tireCome to find out one of the tires blew on the U-Haul trailer he was towing.  He was able to get it off the freeway.  He called for U-Haul help.  It was 9:59 pm in Montana.  The place closed at 10:00 pm.   The angel, I mean guy came out and changed the tire.  Then checked the others.  He ended up changing another one that had three screws in it.  Okay, can we get an AMEN for the folks that come to help stranded motorists? We are grateful and thankful.  Yes, we are writing a letter, today.   Let’s give a big HOOT for Whalen Tire of Missoula, Montana!  WOOT HOOT!   http://www.whalentire.com/locations/missoula-mt.aspx   Because of that man, Mr. Right and I were able to sleep through the night.  Our son was “saved” and safely, back on the road again.  Drama Rama…case closed.

Weird little hiccup in the evening.  Not really our drama rama.  If you are a parent, it sort of ends up that way.   By default, your “kids” drama ends up being your drama.

In a crazy mixed up way, I am glad our kids think enough of us to keep us in the loop and tell us what is going on.  Yes, as parents, we get the good, happy news and texts and emails and phone calls, too.  Yes, the older they get the more happy and the less dramatic the phone calls become.   We have good kids.  We raised them to use the head on their shoulders and the common sense that was bestowed upon them.

Who ever said that you only “have” them for 18 years was not a parent.  They don’t have a clue.

“Anyone who does anything to help a child in his life is a hero to me. ”   ―     Fred Rogers

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  1. pattilynne50

    LOVE hearing stories of God’s Protection…always just in time. Thankful that all ended so well and you know I have your son continually in prayer…. (hugs) Mom!

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