my eyes are blue

“Grandma, what color are your eyes”?   blue.

DSCN1802“What are you drawing?”  your eyes.

“Why are they purple”?  because purple is better than blue.

Being around little humans is pretty easy.  They don’t judge.  They don’t correct you.  They don’t force their ideas on you.  They just live their lives.  done.  easy.  Yesterday, while spending the day with two of the best grandgirlies in the land, I got to play and have fun.  Chalk and color and make bead bracelets, and read and practice the piano and be silly and wear tutus and spread glitter everywhere and eat sweet pears cut into squares and build with blocks.  Someone little decided we would only put the same colored blocks together.  You just know that made me want to use all mixed up colors!

The little one said my name!  Okay, I fully admit it sounded a lot like “Gag ma” but I will take it.  Huge smile on my face.   Maybe because I accidentally, while helping her chalk, said “good dog”.  Maybe she was paying me back?glitter monster

To secure my position as the best “Gag ma” in the land…………..I sat in a chair and watched as they jumped on the bed in the guest room.   Um, did you forget?  Being a “Gag ma” means you don’t have to say no!

If you are having a horrible, no good, rotten day………….grab your own or borrow someone’s grand babes for the afternoon, 100% guarantee your day will unfold into pure goodness.


Here is a new to me gadget that is pretty darn smart and creative.  Each day, Mr. Right (fyi, he will be guest blogging in a day or two, can’t wait)  makes oodles of juice and fills mason jars to the brim.  They (the juice, not Mr. Right)  chill out in our refrigerator until its time to enjoy them.  While traveling, it gets a bit messy & tricky with the straw and the lid and the drips…….you get it……  Look what came in today’s mail!  I am doing a little happy jig.  DSCN1905Makes me want to take a car trip this weekend just to try them out.   Thank you so much for inventing something that helps make my day better with less drips on my shirt!  That alone is worth the price of admission.

It makes me feel good, when I can smell the black bean soup simmering on the stove.  Just can’t wait to try that first spoonful.

Speaking of Beans…………Note to self…………don’t ever call Vanilla Ice Cream (actually coconut milk cream) Vanilla “Bean” Ice Cream.  Even if it has real vanilla beans in the mixture.  Not a great seller with grandgirlies.  They like just plain vanilla.  NO beans in ice cream, Gag ma!




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