white flag waving

Can you feel it? Does that little voice inside you say yes?
Yes to Connection. Yes to Purpose. Yes to Love.
Maybe you’re like me and you’re a crappy asker. Maybe you feel like this is a suggestion for some other later date when you’re stronger or weaker or less proud or more strong or something like that. Maybe you feel cynical about such possibilities or too burnt from the past.

But I would encourage you not to wait, not to doubt and do it anyway.

Because to ask for help is to say yes. Yes to everything holy, true and honest that’s ready to renew your heart, change your life and bring you the courage and patience you need to be here in this moment, alive to hope and love.

Those thoughts are from today’s Hopeful World.  http://archive.aweber.com/hw0413  When I am in need, this site somehow gently nudges me in a direction of hope.  hope3

After several months of healing and moving forward toward health, I have to admit, I need help.  Yes, I fully admit that I need an arm to help me once in a while.  I need a little help picking up the full to the brim, black iron skillet.  I need help putting away things on a very high shelf.  I have past the point of stubbornness.  I get it.  I can’t do it all myself.

I never used to ask for help or think I needed any.  I can do it myself.  That was my mantra.  Being a bit under the weather, can help you “see” a bit more clearly.   One of my biggest surprises to date.

I am so grateful for the help I have received from friends and family.  I am not sure how I would have tap danced through all these months without some great people to lean on.   Oh yes, I had to tap dance around the stinky people too.  ha  At least I got a little exercise twirling around them.

white flagYesterday, while researching………..the book said, if you are too tired or too overwhelmed. ask someone to read this and help you understand it.  I waved the white flag.  I wrote a note and the page numbers to Mr. Right.  I need help understanding these two new protocols.  I need a little clarity.  I need another point of view.

One of the beautiful things about being married for 31 plus years is that you get to wave the white flag. The other beautiful thing is that there is no limit to the amount of time you get to use said flag.    The other person always, no matter what comes running.  It can be easy as “please lift this laundry basket?” to “can you drive me to the fabric store?”.

Yesterday, I drank 80 ounces of fresh made juice.  I did not make any of it.  Mr. Right has taken on the task of being the “juice man”.  When I am not able to find the energy to make the juice myself…….he has an inexhaustible supply of amazing healing energy & he is more than willing to share.

May you all have someone in your life that you can turn to and wave a white flag.  We all need someone.  We all need help now and then.  I have to remember how good it feels when someone asks me for help.  We are in this together.  hope quote

All that to say……………stay tuned campers………..Mr. Right is going to be my guest blogger, tomorrow.  You just know, it is going to have something to do with numbers.  ha

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