3 goodie bags

The thing about college kids is that they NEED care packages!  They crave ’em, I tell ya.  First year or senior year, college care packages are a treat for both the giver and receiver.  It just makes you so darn tootin happy to gather the goodies and box em up and mail them on their way.  In the name of my good health, I have to mail them.  By sending a package it makes my heart dance a jig .  This is serious Good Karma.  I mean it.  You will feel good for days to come.

In my mind, the “kiddo” feels super charged and a tiny bit thrilled that they “got mail”.  A real honest to goodness, card board box filled with who knows what? It must feel like winning a game show that you didn’t have to answer the tricky questions.  You are just a winner for participating!    They are equally thrilled with a box of festive twinkle lights, a package of Red Vines, a coffee card as they are, the ultimate jar of Nutella.  Yes, that is study food.  No, we are not talking about high quality, low sugar, non gluten snacks.  We are talking about goodies, no tricks, just treats.    Oh, and the thank you notes/letters you receive………….they MAKE you want to send another care package quick like a bunny. Yes indeed, that good.

Want to make yourself feel a tingle of pure goodness?  Find a solider or a college kid that NEEDS a box of happiness.  Trust me on this one.  You can’t help but get a little happiness out of the deal.  This year we have three college girlies that we are taking care of.  We pray for them.  We lift them up.  We send them oodles of good karma and a package of silliness now and then.

Yesterday, I sewed a medium-sized make up bag for each.  I got to forget the world for a couple of hours and twirled and swirled in my sewing room.  I was smiling the entire time.  Yep, even while putting in the zippers………..still smiling.  I sewed as much good karma as I could manage into each and every seam.   Yes, each will be stuffed to the top with goodies (the bags, not the girls).  Among the surprises will be lotions and potions and colorful pens & yes, they each will get a jar of Nutella.

DSCN1916One girlie is studying to be a Special Education Teacher.  She has beautiful dark hair and a smile that just won’t quit.  During the summer she took care of some little humans. Dogs adore her, so you know she is a good egg.  You can already tell she found her passion and someday her students will be lucky to see her name on their classroom door.  On a side note, her name reminds me of a happy singing bird.  Just makes me happy.    The purple and limey green colored make up bag will be filled to overflowing and headed to Illinois.

Another girlie is studying to become a doctor.  She is almost at the end of her studies and chomping at the bit to jump into her residency.  Her hair is blond as blond can be.  She is one smart cookie with a heart of gold.  Her penmanship is an exact copy of her mother’s and as of now, I can still easily read her handwriting.  She too has found her passion.  Any future emergency room patients will be grateful for her skill.  The aqua and misty coral colored make up bag will be filled to overflowing and headed to California.DSCN1918

Our third girlie is a senior studying at Stanford University.  She is as smart as they come.  She has music in her soul and she shares it in the University Band.  She has beautiful, thick, gorgeous, dark hair and a smile that can light up a room.  She is our passionate numbers gal.  I mean it.  You have a math question, just ask one of the brightest bulbs we know.  The chocolate-brown and blue make up bag will be filled to overflowing and headed to California.

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.  William Butler Yeats.


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  1. pattilynne50

    Wow! Those are beautiful!! Three lucky, blessed girls to have you in their corner…so happy to know that you are twirling and swirling in your sewing room again! 🙂

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