Happy Halloween

DSCN2309Every year we do our pumpkins.   Always trying something new each year.  This year I carved the hole in the bottom instead of the top.  Easier access to lighting the candle.  Um, I don’t know if I like it.

I try to always pick something to carve that is spooky and creepy and gross (very un-lady like).  Makes me giggle.

Mr. Right carved the witch sitting on a little tiny stool with a little tiny legs.  I carved the gross brain man!


Happy Halloween from Mr. Right and me!

good bye face book, hello old me

fall leavesEver have one of “those” days?  You know you have a great life.  You know you have everything you need.  You just feel the “poor me” coming on.  Yep, that time when you wake up and shuffle through the morning routine.  You somehow make everything seem like a chore.

I am bathed in Grace every single day.  I have to gently with kindness remind myself how lucky I really am.

The good fairy on your shoulder is beating you with a sparkly wand and jumping up and down, yelling SNAP OUT OF IT!  Time to make a list.  snap out of it 2

Oh, before I forget,  I pushed the OFF button on publishing to face book.  I don’t know?  Just not strong enough to handle all the poopy comments.  I like it here in blog land.  I like the pretty comments people leave.  Oh sure, there are a couple that sting a bit.  It just sort of seems somehow on face book, people forget their manners and are a bit rough around the edges sometimes.  I welcome anyone who wants to read my ramblings.  I tried face book for a few months.  I am going to go a few months without it and see if I can get back to writing about the things I want to write about.  Not what I think people would like to read.

I like using my blog to write for me.  period.  So I can sleep through the night and not wake up and want to write something down to get it off my mind.
Sometimes I write to  teach my adult kiddos something.  Or sometimes I like to vent.  I do not like writing with the nagging feeling in the back of my head, what will people think on face book?  What ridiculous picture will or will not pop up on my posting (for some wacky unknown reason).

Here is my rant today about manners……when did it become okay to wear t-shirts with the deceased persons’ face emblazoned on the front to the funeral?  Where are these young people’s parents and helpers?  Put on your Sunday best and show some respect.  Yes, I know, blah, blah…..we are respecting him/her.  We are wearing the shirt.  NO.  It is not polite.  It does not show respect or help anyone.  Put on a shirt and tie, put on a dress.  Clean up and make an effort.  Scuffing into the service in Nike soccer flip-flops and a t-shirt does not bring honor and respect to the service one bit.  If you have a military or dress uniform and the person was part of your group, shine it up and put it on.  If you were a boy scout and that person was, press your uniform and get it together.  Have good posture.  Lift your head up.  Be the stand up person your friend would want you to be.  This isn’t about being cool.  Or what society says we should do.  Put on your Sunday best, shine your shoes, tie your tie (correctly) and make the effort.  The family of your friend will be comforted.  We all need to do better.

Okay, the list………..

grateful signToday, I am grateful for:

an open mind, a golden retriever companion, my walk yesterday, great animal print leggings (only to wear at home), Mr. Right, a wonderful sewing machine, great coffee, sunshine peaking through, colorful fall leaves, pumpkins waiting to be carved, dinner plans already figured out at 9:00 in the morning, using laundry soap I make myself, a nicely made bed, having the money to afford my 47 pills a day (46 if I get 35 minutes of sunshine), my exercise bike, an empty laundry basket, Polish pottery, two grandgirlies, smart adult children, friends that check in on me & send me uplifting, funny cards (even though I have been a bit under the weather for several months), lovely lingerie, 4 glasses of fresh juice every single day, breathing in fresh air during a picnic, castor oil, coconut oil, two huge baskets of fruits and veggies on the counter that I know will be empty by the end of the week, family that sends me funny emails daily, friends that text me a good morning message, people who want to have an intelligent discussion about health and wellness, music through the computer, notes left on the kitchen cupboards almost daily from my boyfriend, having chickens EVEN though I have not seen ONE egg, making black bean soup, raw Tortilla soup on Saturdays, sewing little bags that I can fill with goodies for my friends who need some cheering up, wearing cowgirl boots, my new scarf and gloves for the cold, my new winter coat that is an amazing Teal color, talk radio, shopping on-line, biking four miles a day, pears, writing on chalkboards, feeling healthier than I did 282 days ago.  Amen!grateful turkeys


2 things of goodness on a Monday

Does your pantry need a fluff and puff?  Is your laundry soap jar, tired and dreary looking?  Fear no more!  Have I got the perfect thing for those Monday morning blahs.

On a recent pop in, to a local craft store, I found these really nifty chalkboard stickers.  As you can guess, I am finding all sorts of uses for them.  My need to make the pantry look inviting, orderly, saucy.  Yes, I make my own laundry soap.  Less nasty chemicals, less expensive, works really, really well.  Gluten free flour in a jar, done!  Himalayan salt in a jar with a sassy label, done! So cute, so functional.  Just charming.

DSCN2295 Here’s the thing about saying good-bye to gluten.  You miss it.  There, I said it.  I miss a bowl full of piping hot spaghetti with home-made sauce and a black iron skillet full of sautéed mushrooms (sorry friend who hates the vile things) to toss liberally over the whole mountain of goodness.    Enter Quinoa pasta.  Really good flavor, I mean really good and you cook it just as you would any other pasta.  Hello bowl of Sunday night spaghetti.  I’ve missed you.

Quinoa pasta Here’s to a healthy and happy filled week to come.  Think of all the wonderful, glorious things that could happen?  Think how cute my pantry will be by the end of the week?  🙂

“dwell in possibilities”  emily dickinson

indulge, you are worth it

zum bar threeThe fog and steam are both so rich and thick, you can not see your hand out in front of you.  The soothing music is playing in the background.  The room, so thick with steam that your skin feels enveloped in moisture.  The luscious natural candle scent permeates the environment.  Your private, spa like bathroom is the perfect setting for a steamy, soothing, delicious shower?  Wonderful, over sized, white, fluffy bath towels, wonderful soaps and lotions and potions.  Everything natural and chemical free.  Excellent, high quality shampoo & soaps for that man of yours.  A bar of soap with sprinkles of gold dust, just for you.   Wonderful loofah sponges and bath puffs ready to make oodles and oodles of natural bubbles and suds.  The ideal place for meditation and rejuvenation.  The perfect corner of your world to figure out problems and let them go.  The spotless shower and white shower curtain add a clean and free spirit feeling to the experience.  His and her soaps…..his Patchouli and hers Frankincense and Myrrh. zum bar one

What?  That is NOT your private bathroom?  Oh, then it must be ours?   Yes, cross my heart honest.  We are worth it.  We find natural oils and loofahs that pamper us and treat us well.  All of the soaps, lotions and potions are chemical free.  Nothing horrid for our bodies or souls.  No, it does not cost more.  We just make better choices when we need to buy something.  Yes, we spend nearly the same on natural, nourishing soaps and potions as you can spend on chemically filled, toxic counterparts.  We make a choice to choose what goes on our skin.  We are worthy of excellent quality.  Yes, I just typed that.  We are worthy of quality.

Someone once told me that he had a unknown named bar of white soap while in the Army and that was his soap, lotions, potions and shampoo.  done and done.  I adore buying high quality lotions and potions  for Mr. Right.  It is not something he thinks much about.  I love doing that for him. I love to twist his arm, gently, into trying new and high quality soaps.

One of the most lovely things we search for is all natural.  While yes, I have a soap lady that I enjoy buying from, I keep my eyes open for different scents and options as well.  We found a wonderful company that seems to click with us.  No, dang, they are not paying me to share this.  They have wonderful scents for both the girlie and the manly in your home.  However, so many of them feel perfect for either sex.  They are that good, that well blended and developed.  Really sensual scents that make everyone happy.   The scents are real and deep and rich and you feel pampered that you are using the “good” soap.  Once you are done with your shower of bliss, you feel as though you have been bathed in Grace.  Yes, that lovely.  That wonderful.

zum bar twoThe company is called Indigo Wildhttp://www.indigowild.com/  The soaps are called Zum.  When you jump over to their site today, buy one for you, one your better half and then do something wild…..buy one for a friend.  Someone who could use some pampering.  A little pick me up.  Think how wonderful you will feel?  You will have found a little treat for yourself.  You thought about and found something ideal for that man of yours, then…. you took the whole Good Karma thing a step further.  You chose a soap or a lotion ideal for a friend in your life.  Someone that you care enough about to purchase only natural ingredients to lather all over themselves.  You will be bathing them in Grace and Goodness.  Who says you can’t buy happiness?

I wish for you a wonderful spa retreat in your very own home.  May your good choices bathe you in Grace and Wellness.  I would love to hear about any natural products that you have found that give you that feeling of indulgence.

May you slow your journey to include time for happiness.

“p” is for passion, pure goodness and …

pomegranteIt is the oldest known fruit to man.  It is the most powerful, nutrient dense, anti-oxidant of all fruit.  It contains potent anti-cancer and immune supporting effects all in one package. It is a universal symbol of health.

As you may know, I have been on a mission of seeking wellness and strong good health.

Sometimes, I learn, I eat, I then want to share.  Just in case you missed that day in school and didn’t know all the wonders of this amazing fruit.  Ah, another thing they didn’t teach you in school.  sigh.  Well, let’s change that.  Today’s lesson begins with the letter “p”.  Yes, I have eaten and enjoyed this mighty fruit for a few years.  Until recently, I knew they were “good for you”.  Now, I know the rest of the story!

In America we have the luxury of buying fresh Pomegranates from September to January.  Did you know that one glass of pomegranate juice has more anti oxidants than red wine, green tea, blueberries and cranberries?  This amazing fruit can lower bad cholesterol, lower blood pressure, stop tumor growth and help clean out those arteries and build your immune system all in one swoop?

pomegrate seeds on cerealDid you also know that they can ROCK  and ROLL all over a bowl of hot brown rice cereal for breakfast?  Oh yeah, mine was heavenly.  Those little nuggets of pure juicy, tart, sweet, goodness.  Hey kids, medicine does not need to taste bad.

“America’s health care system is in crisis precisely because we systematically neglect wellness and prevention.”  T. Harkin

Last night I seeded two pomegranates.  It took me 22 minutes.   Worth every single second, for I am worth it.  My husband is worth it.  I do not use the wooden spoon, beat on the fruit method.  That usually produces little red dots of permanent dye on the back splash behind your sink.  Unless you are a famous tv chef and just stand in the middle of the room to whack away at the poor little orb of red fruit, and someone else cleans the kitchen mess.  I wear an APRON!  I mean it.  Not your favorite cute one.  I wear an apron because you really need to.  (Or wear that old, stained already, stretched out t-shirt you need to throw away and does not make you smile to wear it.)  I break mine apart and let them soak in cold water.  The seeds sink and the flesh and membranes float to the top to be discarded.  I usually get impatient, and pick up the chunks and sort of roll the seeds out with my thumb.  I know it is my thumb, because today, it is stained a light reddish hue. pomegrantate 2

Get out there my friend, buy yourself a couple.  You are so worth it!  Then come back and tell me if you juiced it, ate the seeds scattered across a salad, or took your hot breakfast cereal up a notch.

We are in this together.  Let health and wellness be our watchword.  WooHOO!


afternoon delight

When healing yourself, you must make changes.  Some are super tough, hard, frustrating and just plain make you want to cry. During the last 9 months exactly today, every week there is something comfortable I must let go of.  Yet another food you must kiss and wave goodbye.  It is tough.  It is hard.   No, swear words don’t help.  Stomping your feet doesn’t help.  Actually, blowing out all the air in your lungs and directing them to your bangs and making your hair bob up and down, sort of does help.  ha

Theeeen, (said in a high pitched voice)  there is the other kind of change.  The kind of changes that are swirly and beautiful and have an aroma like heaven and taste amazing.  The kind of changes that make you exclaim, “where have you been all my life”?  I need to have a snack everyday around 3:00 pm.  Let’s face it, we all NEED to have a snack in the afternoon.  Something that is super flavorful and nutritious and will keep us going until supper time.  It has to be high in nutrition, taste great, easy to make and so scrumptious looking that I can’t wait to treat myself to a bit of goodness.   So good in fact, it slips in and swirls in your brain all morning.

My word for the year has been “seek“.  In the case of food and healing………….I seek high quality, high nutrition & deep layers of flavor,  I am worth so much more than a pre-packaged snack or some dry crackers and poor quality dairy.  I am seeking  snacks that are both beautiful and give off the aroma of the season.  Would I serve this to honored company at our home?  I may add a fluff of coconut whipped cream beside it and a hot beverage…………yes, yes, I would serve this to guests.

For all you Dancing with the Stars fans………yesterday’s snack scored a  “stand up and cheer perfect 10″.  Yes, that good.  Be still my heart.  I couldn’t be happier with my choice.  It made my feet do a little cha-cha when I stole that first bite O goodness!

Here’s how I did it.  So easy, you can make one this afternoon or even a late night snack tonight.  YES, that good, that easy.  I took a pear and cut it in half.  I scooped out the seeds and put on a baking sheet.  I popped that little beauty into the oven about 325* for 45 minutes.  (don’t waste the oven time, scrub some baked potatoes and toss them in, wash and cut a squash in half and let it cook along side.  Use your imagination and utilize the other part of the empty oven while you are making your snacky goodness.)  The house will smell  like fall and a wonderful little coffee/tea shop that has goodies just waiting for you to sample.  Then when it came out of the oven, I topped it with crushed up toasted walnuts, a bit of gluten-free oats, Phoney Baloney Bacon (made from coconut) and then drizzle with some pure Maple Syrup from Vermont.  (here’s hoping you have as nice of a brother-in-law as I have.  He lives in Vermont and mails it to us.  Gotta love that man!)maple syrup

DSCN2215You really should sit down, with a place mat, put your linen napkin in your lap and SAY GRACE.  Then like a lady, take a dainty, small, perfect bite.  Who am I kidding?  SAY GRACE and take a huge, happy, bite with gusto and swing your feet!  This is an afternoon delight that will have you singing the praises of Pear farmers everywhere.

Take big bites out of life.  Moderation is for monks!

Monday musings

more things “they ” don’t teach you in school…  or things I wish someone would have told me when I was 25. 

Use good manners.  If you don’t know what they are, read and learn.  Good manners will take you farther than money will.

You are worthy of excellent food.  You can make that sentence a truth or a lie.  If you are not eating excellent food, then maybe you need to work on you.  Educate yourself about nutrition.  You, your family and friends will all benefit. Keep an open mind.  Um, no, milk does not do a body good……and on and on and on

It has been proven over and over, skipping one day a week on all your supplements will help you heal faster.

Being nice to someone who is trying to heal is a very kind thing to do.  Even the smallest of things you might do, helps, it really does. Being thoughtless, hurts and does not help them heal.

Leaving a card for your spouse is a good thing.

rice breakfastEating a savory breakfast really helps you stay on track all day long.  Today, I started the day with hot brown rice cereal topped with sesame seeds a drizzle of sesame oil, kelp, scallions and sliced almonds.   The aroma was heavenly and it tasted warm and really, really good.  I was a member of the clean bowl club.

Using Castor oil on painful joints and muscles with a heating pad REALLY works to ease the pain.

Continue to educate yourself, the fuller and bigger your life will be.

Get fresh air and exercise every single day you want to thrive.

Learn how to set a beautiful table.  It makes even so-so food taste better.

Learn how to make something with your hands.  It makes you proud of yourself.

Learn how to do something out of your comfort zone.

Plan and follow through on a trip somewhere. Saving up, anticipation, learn about the place you are going, make all the arrangements, gather the right clothes, plan, organize, and then go and have a wonderful time.  Come home and make a book about it.  You will be able to re-live it over and over and over again.

Feeling and acting better than others is a nasty way to live your life.  You are not better than others. 

Riding a bike is good and makes you feel happy.

Send care packages.  They make a difference.

Don’t be mean.  Don’t say mean things to people.  It hurts feelings even when people are over 50 years old.  From this moment on, NO excuses.  Even if you were never taught to be kind, choose to be kind now.

Keep an open mind about spelling, grammar, writing, tenses, vocabulary.  You are judged by your speech and sentence structure.  Here is a thought, even after you are done with formal schooling……………learn a word a day and use it!

Work on being a decent person.  Be a good friend.  It matters.

Buy and wear good quality socks.

Send birthday, anniversary, sympathy cards.  While a comment on face book is good, an actual paper card through the mail has a touch of class.

Go to the library at least once a month, if not more.  You will be amazed.

EVERYONE looks good in a beautiful black turtleneck and jeans for fall. Cowgirl boots don’t hurt one little bit either.

Learn about keeping your body in ph balance.

Buy a really good quality, comfortable sofa.

Buy quality cookware and knives.  You won’t ever have to buy them again.

Take photos and PRINT THEM.  Frame them, live amongst the goodness.

Buy and wear beautiful lingerie.  You are worth it.

Make your own laundry soap.  Saves a ton of money and cuts way down on the horrid chemicals.  duh ( I will share the recipe again, if anyone wants it.)

Keep an envelope & fill monthly for car upkeep.  Then do it.  Keep your car in tip-top shape and clean as a whistle.  It will be there when you need it.  For that matter, get Dave Ramsey’s book on finances.  Learn it & live it.  It helps, honest it does.  When it comes to money, it is a wonderful road map.  If not Mr. Ramsey, find someone who you “fit” with.  Choose someone to get on board with by the time you are 25 (or start today).  IT MATTERS!

Get an animal.  You will be a better person for having to take care of another being.  It matters.

Look at a map.  Roll one out on your dining room table today.  It is a huge world waiting for you to explore.

imagesCAJQWT7WLearn to count your blessings.  Be grateful.  It makes life so much easier.

“Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can – there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did.”

Sarah Caldwell

ever heard of the golden rule?

Yesterday was a tough one.

Today, because of poor sleep, I am going to rant and rave.  This is NOT directed towards our children.  They were raised better than the grown adult people I encountered yesterday.  Our children have extremely good manners and good values and good spirits.  They would never in a million years behave such as two adults behaved yesterday.  If they did and I found out about it…………………I don’t care how old they are or where they were living.  Momma Bear would buy a plane ticket and have someone on their knees scrubbing my kitchen floor while I went over the rules once again about being kind to others and using good manners.

good mannersWhere have all the manners gone?   If you somehow have found other more important things to fill your brain with, maybe your spouse can smack you on the head with a fuzzy slipper and can gently remind you that good manners make our society run along and we can behave like civilized human beings.

“Politeness is half good manners and half good lying.”  M. Little

When someone’s looses a parent at your work place, you send a card.  period.  You send it to their home address.  You PRETEND to care and you show good manners by sending a card.  Talking behind their back and saying “did you hear” is not kind.  It is not nice.  Get off your throne, go buy a fruit basket or make a loaf of bread and take it to them.  Be decent.  Grow up people.  When you are old enough to hold down a job, live on your own…………..you are old enough to spend 50 cents on a stamp and buy a 1.00 sympathy card at the dollar store.  Heck, I think they sell them 2 for a dollar.  So for about $1.00 you can actually pretend that you have been taught some good sense and send a card to a person who is hurting.

Don’t think for one minute by you sending one silly card, people will think you have good manners and have a kind heart.  You my friend, have a long, long way to go.  Yet, it would be a beginning and that alone is worth something.

“I have a respect for manners as such, they are a way of dealing with people you don’t agree with or like.”  Margaret Mead

When someone you know has an extremely ill friend, you kindly mention it in conversation.  “Hi, how are you?  How is your friend doing?”  That is called having GOOD MANNERS.  The person can say “fine, thanks for asking” and move on.  period.    You don’t use your knowledge as power over people…………………shhhhhh, we aren’t telling some people.  You DO NOT make the person who inquired about your friend feel bad and awkward for asking.  They were just trying to be kind.  They were being civilized.  Seriously people.  Trying to make someone feel bad because they took the time to ask about YOUR friend, is awful and nasty.  You should be ashamed of your behavior.

This is real life, welcome to it.  It is NOT a power game.  Having knowledge over someone or some people and trying to be secretive about it is NOT kind.

When you personally tell someone who you are ill and they go ahead and share that information with their ENTIRE office………………well that is their right to do so.  However, if they have not come over, gone to an appointment with you, or brought you a cookie, or vacuumed your floor, or sent you a card, or walked your dog.……………….just using your illness as a “I KNOW SOMETHING YOU DON’T KNOW” kind of thing……………That shows very, very poor manners.    Hey, not to mention when the said sick person does go into said office and some stranger asks about your private illness, it catches you off guard and you have to explain and you are put on the spot.  You end up feeling crummy about it. You end up loosing sleep.  You toss and turn.  It doesn’t feel very nice.

Today, I will breathe and breathe again. Anger and meanness do not help healing.  I need to heal and focus on pure goodness and uplifting thoughts.   I dislike very much, people with a lack of good behavior & good manners.  They hurt my feelings.  Urgh.  Somehow, I thought writing this would make me feel better.  I think printing off this paper and stapling it to a person’s forehead would go a long way in making me feel better.  The end.

ps.  in my fantasy world…………maybe if we all teach good behavior and good manners……the topic of bullying would just disappearing…………

“Good manners sometimes means simply putting up with other people’s bad manners.”  H. Jackson Brown