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bookThat last turn of the page, the very end of the book………..the end.   Sometimes makes me sad.  Other times, I turn the blank page to see another blank page and wonder why they ended it as they did.  Apparently, they were only being paid for a certain amount of pages?  More often than not, I am a bit disappointed by celebrity cookbooks.  The book jacket is colorful and usually stunning, grabs my interest.  The movie star or VIP looks their absolute best.  A smile so welcoming…….you sort of feel like they personally are inviting you into their private, never before seen kitchen, will pour you a glass of something lovely and you two will cook together.   The last few years, before I plunk down some dollars, I try and check out the book first from the library.  I get a better feel for the book and the recipes.   Will I casually flip through never to pick up again?  Will the pages become crusty with bits of food and the spine broken from weighing down the open pages as I cook?  It is always a fine line between being head over heels in love (or not) with a star and chomping at the bit to see what they cook (if they can cook) and love.  By the way, I wonder if Mr. Johnny Depp has given any thought to penning a cook book?  I am sure there might be a few takers.

“The most important thing to take from “My Father’s Daughter” is the true pleasure we can derive from the thinking about, then the making of, and finally the enjoyment of eating good food together with people we care about.”book 2

I must say, I was really impressed with the knowledge, kindness and thoughtfully prepared meals put forth by Gwyneth Paltrow.  While I gingerly stepped into her world, I was put at ease immediately.  Short and sweet bits of family lore as well as trying to cook for her kids  & everyday life greet you on each page.  The variety of recipes are lovely and the ingredients seem simple yet carefully chosen to give you excellent results.  I found a feel of honesty and a real love for cooking for her family and friends.

It is a lovely thing to actually cook for and give that gift to my family and friends.  It is a heartfelt gift,  I envision, gather supplies, prepare, cook, arrange and then present.  This book gently reminds you of that wonderful feeling of gathering your family of 2 or 25 around the table and creating a moment in time.  No one else can capture that moment of goodness that just happens around a table.  Every single person privileged enough to gather around your family table will feel the love and goodness that has been put into a home cooked meal.

I love to cook.  I do not care for the clean up much.  We have a deal, I cook.  Mr. Right cleans up.  Works pretty well for us.  Quite often in our society, being at home, tending the home fires and having a lovely meal to set before a plum tuckered out family is not looked upon with value.

One of the reasons I adore this book.  Value is placed on cooking and enjoying the food together as a family.  I feel like I would fit in.

potato cakesHer crispy potato & garlic cake, page 193 will be gracing our table soon.  While the corn chowder will be simmering on our stove tomorrow…………tonight is page 165.  Fish Tacos with grilled Mahi Mahi will be the star attraction.

Grab your keys and hit the library.  Say GRACE and sit down to a wonderful, flavorful, impressive home cooked meal.  It will be so worth your time.

“The fondest memories are made gathered around the table.”

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  1. pattilynne50

    Sounds like a lovely book…very intrigued by the crispy potato & garlic cake. On the list of books to check out. As always, thank you for sharing!

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