did someone say, chocolate coffee ice cream in October?

As I type, I have on a jeans, a long-sleeved top, fleece vest and a scarf and a fleece blanket draped over my lap. It is a bit chilly here in the Pacific Northwest.  When I stepped outside, I could see my breath.  After fresh juice and vitamins, warm cereal and hot coffee was the perfect breakfast earlier today.  Chickens were still cozy in their bedroom and not ready to get up and party just yet.  It is a wonderful foggy fall morning.

Perfect for ice cream.  What?  That must be a typo.  Nope.  You see, my friend Miss Florida, lives well in Florida.  She is still wearing short sleeve tops and raising her face to the sun.  Yes, she is still basking in sunshine.  Don’t hate her because of her perfect geographic location.  I for one, am embracing her spirit of sunshine and with fingers crossed hoping some of her good karma sunshine will spill over to me.   You can get Vitamin D through text messaging and computer screens, right?   just kidding 🙂

Every single time, I have a question or a concern or a rant or rave………..my friend comes gently to the rescue.  She always, always offers up a kind and loving suggestion or two.  She uses good manners to weave her way into nudging me into trying something new or looking at something a new way.  Miss Florida has given up sugar and I am trying to send her helpful hints and gentle suggestions as she tackles the hardest, first couple months.  So this recipe is dedicated to her and her sassy attitude about health and wellness, as well as her kind heart.

While yes, you can certainly buy coconut ice cream in the stores, this version is simple, relatively quick, easy, fun & inexpensive to make and you get to control the ingredients.  Yes, I am aware that the best-selling ice cream flavor in America is ………………drum roll please……………………………………… Vanilla.    This recipe is so good and clean, I am willing to serve it to our grandgirlies.  (vanilla version with sparkles on top)  fyi:  sparkles is sweet grandgirlie speak for sprinkles on top of ice cream. 

You can make this recipe without an ice cream maker.  I just happen to have one and was sort of tickled that I got to get her out and give her a whirl.

DSCN2190Today’s version is Chocolate Coffee Ice Cream.  You don’t actually need an apron to whip this up.  However, you do need some fun summer music, say hello to Mr. Jimmy Buffett!  Turn it up nice and loud.  That’s it, feel the beat.  Dance around a bit first, get your heart rate up and for the love of Pete (who was Pete, anyway?) sing and smile!

This recipe is so simple and can be adjusted to any flavor our imaginations can handle.  How about instead of chocolate, we switch it up with a pumpkin pie version or an caramel apple swirl or a lemon blueberry twist, maybe a vanilla version with bits of peaches and raspberries jumbled together?  You know my brain is swirling coming up with all sorts of lovely combinations.

Okay, here we go… get out your Blendtec, or food processor, or whisk and some arm muscle and add the following:  1 can of coconut cream milk.  You can find it in any Asian grocery store or the Asian Grocery section of your local supermarket.  Usually costs around $1.00, so this is a pretty sweet deal all around.  To that add:  3 Tablespoons raw honey, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla, 1/4 teaspoon sea salt (the real thing please), 3 Tablespoons Cocoa powder (I use Frye’s) and 2-3 Tablespoons finely ground coffee or espresso powder.  Whirl and twirl.  Now, the fun and happy part, put into your ice cream maker.  You know you have one, way back in your cupboard.  Get it out for Pete (hi again, Pete) sakes, use that puppy!  (again, folks not a real puppy)  Hey, maybe I should insert a puppy picture here?  Miss Florida has a puppy named Penny! DSCN2191

Oops, sorry, I get off track so easily.  Okay, turn on your ice cream maker for 25 minutes. (Certainly enough time to fold one basket of laundry or sew a few seams in a quilt project or enough time to send off a thank you email to a company you adore.) If no ice cream maker,  pour directly into a container with lid for your freezer.  Once the ice cream maker is done, transfer the goodness into a freezer container. Then someone, oh, I don’t know, maybe the cook, will have to lick off the paddle and the polka dot spatula and taste test the dreamy goodness.  Tough job, someone must be the taste tester.  It’s a must.

DSCN2192Tonight around say, 9:35 pm when you get that urge for something sinful and sweet………………..Hey, Miss Florida meet me by the freezer door, we will say Grace, both of us will have a spoon ready, and actually you will want to take that first little taste right out of the container.  Yes, very non-lady like.  Do it!  You will be smiling and the sweet, cold, dreamy concoction will blanket your tongue with pure goodness.  Your eyes will be closed and you will lift your face to the heavens as a sincere thank you for such an amazing recipe, you may even do a little happy jig, right there in front of your freezer door…………………………………..you, my friend are in for a sweet surprise that will ROCK your world!

“Friends and good manners will carry you where money won’t go.”  M. Walker

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