afternoon delight

When healing yourself, you must make changes.  Some are super tough, hard, frustrating and just plain make you want to cry. During the last 9 months exactly today, every week there is something comfortable I must let go of.  Yet another food you must kiss and wave goodbye.  It is tough.  It is hard.   No, swear words don’t help.  Stomping your feet doesn’t help.  Actually, blowing out all the air in your lungs and directing them to your bangs and making your hair bob up and down, sort of does help.  ha

Theeeen, (said in a high pitched voice)  there is the other kind of change.  The kind of changes that are swirly and beautiful and have an aroma like heaven and taste amazing.  The kind of changes that make you exclaim, “where have you been all my life”?  I need to have a snack everyday around 3:00 pm.  Let’s face it, we all NEED to have a snack in the afternoon.  Something that is super flavorful and nutritious and will keep us going until supper time.  It has to be high in nutrition, taste great, easy to make and so scrumptious looking that I can’t wait to treat myself to a bit of goodness.   So good in fact, it slips in and swirls in your brain all morning.

My word for the year has been “seek“.  In the case of food and healing………….I seek high quality, high nutrition & deep layers of flavor,  I am worth so much more than a pre-packaged snack or some dry crackers and poor quality dairy.  I am seeking  snacks that are both beautiful and give off the aroma of the season.  Would I serve this to honored company at our home?  I may add a fluff of coconut whipped cream beside it and a hot beverage…………yes, yes, I would serve this to guests.

For all you Dancing with the Stars fans………yesterday’s snack scored a  “stand up and cheer perfect 10″.  Yes, that good.  Be still my heart.  I couldn’t be happier with my choice.  It made my feet do a little cha-cha when I stole that first bite O goodness!

Here’s how I did it.  So easy, you can make one this afternoon or even a late night snack tonight.  YES, that good, that easy.  I took a pear and cut it in half.  I scooped out the seeds and put on a baking sheet.  I popped that little beauty into the oven about 325* for 45 minutes.  (don’t waste the oven time, scrub some baked potatoes and toss them in, wash and cut a squash in half and let it cook along side.  Use your imagination and utilize the other part of the empty oven while you are making your snacky goodness.)  The house will smell  like fall and a wonderful little coffee/tea shop that has goodies just waiting for you to sample.  Then when it came out of the oven, I topped it with crushed up toasted walnuts, a bit of gluten-free oats, Phoney Baloney Bacon (made from coconut) and then drizzle with some pure Maple Syrup from Vermont.  (here’s hoping you have as nice of a brother-in-law as I have.  He lives in Vermont and mails it to us.  Gotta love that man!)maple syrup

DSCN2215You really should sit down, with a place mat, put your linen napkin in your lap and SAY GRACE.  Then like a lady, take a dainty, small, perfect bite.  Who am I kidding?  SAY GRACE and take a huge, happy, bite with gusto and swing your feet!  This is an afternoon delight that will have you singing the praises of Pear farmers everywhere.

Take big bites out of life.  Moderation is for monks!

7 thoughts on “afternoon delight

  1. Kathie

    Yum Yum Yummy. Take a BIG bite girlfriend and catch the juicy drips from the corner of your mouth with your finger and then…yep…pop it in your mouth so you do not lose a single tantalizing bit. The napkin will not appreciate your treat 🙂

  2. PattiLynne

    I can practically smell and taste the deliciousness from here!!!
    Bet you look cute when you blow all the air out of your lungs and make your hair bob up and down 🙂
    Phoney Baloney Bacon sounds VERY INTERESTING…where do you get yours?

    “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

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