indulge, you are worth it

zum bar threeThe fog and steam are both so rich and thick, you can not see your hand out in front of you.  The soothing music is playing in the background.  The room, so thick with steam that your skin feels enveloped in moisture.  The luscious natural candle scent permeates the environment.  Your private, spa like bathroom is the perfect setting for a steamy, soothing, delicious shower?  Wonderful, over sized, white, fluffy bath towels, wonderful soaps and lotions and potions.  Everything natural and chemical free.  Excellent, high quality shampoo & soaps for that man of yours.  A bar of soap with sprinkles of gold dust, just for you.   Wonderful loofah sponges and bath puffs ready to make oodles and oodles of natural bubbles and suds.  The ideal place for meditation and rejuvenation.  The perfect corner of your world to figure out problems and let them go.  The spotless shower and white shower curtain add a clean and free spirit feeling to the experience.  His and her soaps…..his Patchouli and hers Frankincense and Myrrh. zum bar one

What?  That is NOT your private bathroom?  Oh, then it must be ours?   Yes, cross my heart honest.  We are worth it.  We find natural oils and loofahs that pamper us and treat us well.  All of the soaps, lotions and potions are chemical free.  Nothing horrid for our bodies or souls.  No, it does not cost more.  We just make better choices when we need to buy something.  Yes, we spend nearly the same on natural, nourishing soaps and potions as you can spend on chemically filled, toxic counterparts.  We make a choice to choose what goes on our skin.  We are worthy of excellent quality.  Yes, I just typed that.  We are worthy of quality.

Someone once told me that he had a unknown named bar of white soap while in the Army and that was his soap, lotions, potions and shampoo.  done and done.  I adore buying high quality lotions and potions  for Mr. Right.  It is not something he thinks much about.  I love doing that for him. I love to twist his arm, gently, into trying new and high quality soaps.

One of the most lovely things we search for is all natural.  While yes, I have a soap lady that I enjoy buying from, I keep my eyes open for different scents and options as well.  We found a wonderful company that seems to click with us.  No, dang, they are not paying me to share this.  They have wonderful scents for both the girlie and the manly in your home.  However, so many of them feel perfect for either sex.  They are that good, that well blended and developed.  Really sensual scents that make everyone happy.   The scents are real and deep and rich and you feel pampered that you are using the “good” soap.  Once you are done with your shower of bliss, you feel as though you have been bathed in Grace.  Yes, that lovely.  That wonderful.

zum bar twoThe company is called Indigo Wild  The soaps are called Zum.  When you jump over to their site today, buy one for you, one your better half and then do something wild… one for a friend.  Someone who could use some pampering.  A little pick me up.  Think how wonderful you will feel?  You will have found a little treat for yourself.  You thought about and found something ideal for that man of yours, then…. you took the whole Good Karma thing a step further.  You chose a soap or a lotion ideal for a friend in your life.  Someone that you care enough about to purchase only natural ingredients to lather all over themselves.  You will be bathing them in Grace and Goodness.  Who says you can’t buy happiness?

I wish for you a wonderful spa retreat in your very own home.  May your good choices bathe you in Grace and Wellness.  I would love to hear about any natural products that you have found that give you that feeling of indulgence.

May you slow your journey to include time for happiness.

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  1. I love a good bar of soap too. There is a monastery that visits my church sometimes and the nuns make their own soap & sell it. The bars come in many luscious colors and flavors. I just took the wrapper off of honey almond last night. It was wonderful!

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