2 things of goodness on a Monday

Does your pantry need a fluff and puff?  Is your laundry soap jar, tired and dreary looking?  Fear no more!  Have I got the perfect thing for those Monday morning blahs.

On a recent pop in, to a local craft store, I found these really nifty chalkboard stickers.  As you can guess, I am finding all sorts of uses for them.  My need to make the pantry look inviting, orderly, saucy.  Yes, I make my own laundry soap.  Less nasty chemicals, less expensive, works really, really well.  Gluten free flour in a jar, done!  Himalayan salt in a jar with a sassy label, done! So cute, so functional.  Just charming.

DSCN2295 Here’s the thing about saying good-bye to gluten.  You miss it.  There, I said it.  I miss a bowl full of piping hot spaghetti with home-made sauce and a black iron skillet full of sautéed mushrooms (sorry friend who hates the vile things) to toss liberally over the whole mountain of goodness.    Enter Quinoa pasta.  Really good flavor, I mean really good and you cook it just as you would any other pasta.  Hello bowl of Sunday night spaghetti.  I’ve missed you.

Quinoa pasta Here’s to a healthy and happy filled week to come.  Think of all the wonderful, glorious things that could happen?  Think how cute my pantry will be by the end of the week?  🙂

“dwell in possibilities”  emily dickinson

11 thoughts on “2 things of goodness on a Monday

    1. It tastes “cleaner”, lighter………somehow not as gummy. I don’t normally finish my pasta. Of course I finish all the sauce, geesh. Last night, I was a member of the clean plate club!

      I found it in a regular grocery store, health food aisle. Under $3.00.

      I would say give her a go!

      Here’s to spaghetti night in the Cain household!!

      Hugs, D

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