good bye face book, hello old me

fall leavesEver have one of “those” days?  You know you have a great life.  You know you have everything you need.  You just feel the “poor me” coming on.  Yep, that time when you wake up and shuffle through the morning routine.  You somehow make everything seem like a chore.

I am bathed in Grace every single day.  I have to gently with kindness remind myself how lucky I really am.

The good fairy on your shoulder is beating you with a sparkly wand and jumping up and down, yelling SNAP OUT OF IT!  Time to make a list.  snap out of it 2

Oh, before I forget,  I pushed the OFF button on publishing to face book.  I don’t know?  Just not strong enough to handle all the poopy comments.  I like it here in blog land.  I like the pretty comments people leave.  Oh sure, there are a couple that sting a bit.  It just sort of seems somehow on face book, people forget their manners and are a bit rough around the edges sometimes.  I welcome anyone who wants to read my ramblings.  I tried face book for a few months.  I am going to go a few months without it and see if I can get back to writing about the things I want to write about.  Not what I think people would like to read.

I like using my blog to write for me.  period.  So I can sleep through the night and not wake up and want to write something down to get it off my mind.
Sometimes I write to  teach my adult kiddos something.  Or sometimes I like to vent.  I do not like writing with the nagging feeling in the back of my head, what will people think on face book?  What ridiculous picture will or will not pop up on my posting (for some wacky unknown reason).

Here is my rant today about manners……when did it become okay to wear t-shirts with the deceased persons’ face emblazoned on the front to the funeral?  Where are these young people’s parents and helpers?  Put on your Sunday best and show some respect.  Yes, I know, blah, blah…..we are respecting him/her.  We are wearing the shirt.  NO.  It is not polite.  It does not show respect or help anyone.  Put on a shirt and tie, put on a dress.  Clean up and make an effort.  Scuffing into the service in Nike soccer flip-flops and a t-shirt does not bring honor and respect to the service one bit.  If you have a military or dress uniform and the person was part of your group, shine it up and put it on.  If you were a boy scout and that person was, press your uniform and get it together.  Have good posture.  Lift your head up.  Be the stand up person your friend would want you to be.  This isn’t about being cool.  Or what society says we should do.  Put on your Sunday best, shine your shoes, tie your tie (correctly) and make the effort.  The family of your friend will be comforted.  We all need to do better.

Okay, the list………..

grateful signToday, I am grateful for:

an open mind, a golden retriever companion, my walk yesterday, great animal print leggings (only to wear at home), Mr. Right, a wonderful sewing machine, great coffee, sunshine peaking through, colorful fall leaves, pumpkins waiting to be carved, dinner plans already figured out at 9:00 in the morning, using laundry soap I make myself, a nicely made bed, having the money to afford my 47 pills a day (46 if I get 35 minutes of sunshine), my exercise bike, an empty laundry basket, Polish pottery, two grandgirlies, smart adult children, friends that check in on me & send me uplifting, funny cards (even though I have been a bit under the weather for several months), lovely lingerie, 4 glasses of fresh juice every single day, breathing in fresh air during a picnic, castor oil, coconut oil, two huge baskets of fruits and veggies on the counter that I know will be empty by the end of the week, family that sends me funny emails daily, friends that text me a good morning message, people who want to have an intelligent discussion about health and wellness, music through the computer, notes left on the kitchen cupboards almost daily from my boyfriend, having chickens EVEN though I have not seen ONE egg, making black bean soup, raw Tortilla soup on Saturdays, sewing little bags that I can fill with goodies for my friends who need some cheering up, wearing cowgirl boots, my new scarf and gloves for the cold, my new winter coat that is an amazing Teal color, talk radio, shopping on-line, biking four miles a day, pears, writing on chalkboards, feeling healthier than I did 282 days ago.  Amen!grateful turkeys


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  1. Good for you to take a facebook hiatus! I thought about getting on, even opened an account. But, I decided it’s not a world I really want to enter after all and closed it nearly as quickly as I opened it. I am definitely in the minority -but it doesn’t bother me.

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