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Hello November.  There just happens to be oodles and oodles of bloggers that have taken on the challenge (formal or not) of blogging every single day in the month of November.  The slogan “type your heart out” seems to be a lovely battle cry. If the idea of penning 50,000 words in 30 days seems rather daunting……. take heart.  I was thinking maybe a gentle more loving approach.  Make a goal of writing every day for the 30 days of the month.    I do better to just let my mind type as long as it needs to for the day.  I am not sure I would do well with a set number of words.  Heck, maybe I might surpass it, I am wordy at times, most times.  

With that said, here’s to a month of blogging every single day.  I am setting a couple of goals.  Daily posting and I am hoping to lean more grateful and loving than ranting and raving.  We will see how it unfolds.   So to all my blogging friends out there, let the games begin.  Good luck and see you on November 30th.  Think, in just 30 days how much more healthy we will all be?  Think how much better our writing will be?  Think how much more grateful we will all be in just 30 days.  …and they’re off………..

travel three~~~~~There is something unique and special about Sunday drives.  I can’t pinpoint just one reason.  I love hanging out with Mr. Right and exploring new places or old favorites.  I love the anticipation of maybe finding a coffee shop that uses Almond milk or a silly store to stop in.  Finding unique graffiti or homemade signs along the back roads is like finding a treasure that was put there just for us.  Just to make you smile.  “hey, honey, climb up there on that rock cliff and stand beside the graffiti, it will make a great photograph.”  I love the effort of reading a map or trying to figure out road signs.   I love that sometime during almost every single one of our trips, we will come upon something odd and Mr. Right will say, “God, I love America”!

DSCN1749We always see lots of flora and fauna.  Always something to talk about.  You are trapped inside a high speed moving box surrounded by glass windows.  Of course you find things to talk about.  Last week I spotted four deer.

The snacks or picnic.  I love the packing of a great picnic.  Gourmet smoked salmon for a treat or maybe some homemade almond or peanut butter.  Homemade jams to slather on a good quality piece of bread found in a mouth watering bakery.  Always a piece of fruit and of course something to munch on during part of the trip.  Last week we indulged in really high quality salted, roasted pecans.  The salt on your tongue, the little snap when you took that bite, the “I can’t stop, I have to have another” mentality.  Of course there is always juice.  Jars and Jars of green juice to heal.

I always have a fleece throw or a quilt.  I like settling in and making a nest so to speak.  Years ago, not so much.  When the boys were little, my chair was more of a command post.  Passing out snacks and wet wipes.  Offering up nickels for good behavior.  Asking trivia questions about the places we were visiting.  Passing out pipe cleaners for art projects.  Being in charge of I spy games and car bingo.  Someone had to organized the breathing on side windows and drawing.  geesh.

mapNow this is going to venture into the “old lady” category……………………  I love the idea of having my husband driving.  I love the idea of him making the choices of which new road to travel (he keeps an atlas with green highlighted lines……….all the roads and interstates we have traveled).  Sure I get to voice my opinions and suggestions, I just like that he has the con.  We sometimes take our pooch along for the trip.  Sometimes, it is just us.  We get to talk about the stuff that is bugging us.  We get to talk about places we want to go or things we need on a grocery list.  Years ago, when the boys were learning how to stay by themselves, and we would dash out for milk and eggs to the local grocery store and dash back…… we really savored those quiet moments in the car.  With an empty nest we no longer seek the quiet solitude of the car, we like the possibilities of where we may go and what we may see.

I dearly love the time-honored tradition of an old married couple out for a Sunday drive.  I like looking at pumpkin patches or fields of daffodils blooming.  I love being able to see the Mt. Rainier in all her glory or hug myself with the creeps of the low laying fog rolling in.  Sometimes with the rain pouring down in buckets, we find a favorite place for a warm, early, Sunday dinner and park and grab our coats and make a mad dash for the door.  We burst in and shake off.  We are welcomed travelers encouraged to sit a spell.

I am grateful for a husband who enjoys exploration.  Be it an end to a glacier or a road side stand that is supposed to have the best onion rings this side of the Mississippi.  I always feel really grateful and bathed in the traditional , comforting “let’s take a drive”?

Maybe that’s it?  Maybe I love the idea of taking off with a full tank of gas and driving two hours for one cup of really good coffee.  Or driving an hour and a half for the world’s perfect vegan donut.  Or maybe an hour drive to walk amongst the birds and nature and drive home refreshed.

Maybe I just like hanging out with Mr. Right and I get him all to myself for a few hours.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.  No, not a real driving ticket that would surely harsh our mellow.

Here’s to the weekend ahead.  May we all find the right person to hit the open road and experience an amazing Sunday Drive.

Safe Travels my friends, safe travels. travel

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