thank you, Romania

Today, November 5 marks the first day (this season) of wearing my silky long john shirt.  I am test driving a new brand.  I purchased it at Target and so far, I am loving it.  I will have to see if it really does help keep the chillies away.  Yes, that is a word.  I don’t necessarily need REI quality for 30 below, just enough to ward off the chill of a damp Pacific Northwest morning.

Have I mentioned lately how much I adore getting a letter each morning?  Complete with drawing.  Always stick figures.  Today, was a figure of me with curly hair and our dog, Sweet Liberty.   Who wouldn’t feel loved with a letter penned each morning to tell me how much goodness there is out there?

Today’s topic is ……….drum roll………………..pasta. Besides Dracula, really, what is Romania famous for?   Until now, the Southeastern European country (I will wait, go, go ahead and get out your atlas, look it up, really take your time), slightly smaller in size than the state of Oregon….who knew, produced some of the best pasta (hands down) I have ever eaten. Sam Mills, Corn Pasta.

Sam-Mills-Corn-SpaghettiHere is the run down:  No GMO, No gluten, No yeast, No dairy, No eggs, No sodium, No fat, No cholesterol, Kosher, same cooking time as regular wheat pasta AND (take a deep breath, keep going) very close to the same price as 16 ounces of regular supermarket pasta!  Geesh.

Why on earth can’t we, here in America produce Corn pasta, that taste wonderful, cooks easily, clean up is a breeze?  Why do we have to import the delectable treat from Romania.  I say more power to ’em!   We purchased our new family favorite from Trader Joe’s and another bag from a local grocery store.

The idea of preparing a healthy, savory, well made quality product makes me happy to serve in our home  & makes me all giddy and happy inside.  Oh yes, you are worthy.  How on earth could anyone prepare less than stellar food for the family of people that they love and adore?  It is the responsibility of the main cook and bottle washer to make sure that the food that is put on the table will nourish their bodies and minds.  I served this to Mr. Right and I will gladly serve this to our grandgirlies.

So here is my suggestion, make your own family recipe for savory, aromatic Spaghetti sauce, simmer all day.  Put into the refrigerator over night, simmer a little more the next day.  Make a huge pot of the glorious sauce.  Go ahead add oodles of seared mushrooms and glorious amounts of garlic and onions and tomatoes….ah the deep, red, ripe tomatoes.  Add your spices, please use fresh oregano and fresh basil and don’t forget a little bouquet of fresh parsley, count those Bay leaves (so you know how many to go fishin’ for) and tell your family in the morning…..leave a big note:  COME HUNGRY, dinner tonight is homemade GLORIOUS Spaghetti sauce and pasta.

Um, you might want to wear an old sweatshirt or t-shirt.  Don’t ask me how I know this, sometimes, in the course of events, little splashes of red sauce end up on the front of your freshly washed white sweatshirt.  Just saying. spaghetti

God Bless the pasta factory workers in Romania.  I bet they had no idea, they would be helping a girl like me prepare a really healthy and delicious meal for Mr. Right and I?  A jaunty salute to you!  Thank you so much.

“Gratitude can turn a meal into a feast” m. beattie

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  1. Carmen

    Hmmmm…corn pasta. Now that sounds interesting. We will have to head over to our local Trader Joes and see what we can find. In our house we love our pasta topped with a fantastic marinara sauce recipe that we received quite a number of yours ago. Thanks “Mrs Right” for that tasty treat.

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