good morning, Miss Daleen

I was reminded of a scene in a movie this morning.  The movie was “Uncle Buck”.  I LOVED, absolutely LOVED when the boy came into the kitchen, sleepy-eyed, looking for breakfast.  Uncle Buck had a snow shovel and said something like, “Happy Birthday, your pancakes are almost ready!  Wait until you see the size of the toast!”  The young boy was stunned and deliriously happy.   I still smile when I think of it.

As you know by now, every single morning, for years and years, I wake up to a written letter with stick figure drawing.  The letter is usually penned on a 5X7″ sheet of paper and is stuck in the medicine cabinet or on my night stand.  This morning, when I shuffled into the bathroom, sleepy-eyed, looking to brush my teeth, my eyes almost popped out of my head!  I was smiling ear to ear.  REALLY?  Who on earth would write a letter on such enormous paper?  Um, Mr. Right that is who.  🙂

(side note:  years ago, when some of our first Godchildren were able to talk, they called me Miss Daleen.  It has stuck around.  Everyone, young and old calls me Miss Daleen.  At first it sort of reminded me of Miss Ellie of Dallas fame.  Old and stern.  To be honest, years have passed and I have come to own it, I really love the kids and grown ups who call me Miss Daleen.  I take it as a sign of respect and it makes me dog gone happy.)

So in his ongoing effort to bring health and wellness through happiness to our lives……..I present a picture of what greeted me this morning!

Have I mentioned lately, that I am one grateful & lucky girl? DSCN2339

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  1. Allen and I just re-watched Uncle Buck last weekend, gotta love the pancake scene! Loved your blog, Miss Daleen, I love, love,love, how much Mr. Right loves you. He is one good egg. I love his stick people and the dog, too cute! Hope your having a great day. Love ya Girlie!



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