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For some reason, I am a grump about Christmas.  I am trying to get better, honest, I am.  I love a traditional concert.  I love our outdoor Christmas tree on the deck.  I adore hot cocoa and stuffing Mr. Right’s stocking full of surprises and goodies.  I love a traditional church service.  I just don’t like all the “forced” happy and shopping that sort of makes me feel weighed down.  I am getting better.  OR I thought I was.  Then right when you least expect it, some  company goes and does something shameful.  blah.

Think about a huge, wood-paneled conference room.  A huge, long, rectangle, wood, main table takes up almost the entire room.  The matching black chairs surround it at evenly spaced intervals.  There are pad folios & pens set out in front of position.  The carpet is plush, to help deaden the sounds in the room.  An extremely large flat screen is mounted to one wall as well as a white board.  There is the obligatory plastic thermos carafe set, evenly down the center of the table.  Waiting, all just waiting for oodles of stuffy, stick your nose in the air, seriously dressed people from “management” to file in, for the 10 am meeting.

Called to order.  Lots of people have their phones in their laps, so they can play Angry Birds or stroll through face book while the meeting moves along, slowly.

New Christmas ornaments comes up on the agenda.  This is a meeting of Hallmark management.  We all pretty much know about the 4 Billion dollar a year company with 39,000 stores that sell greeting cards and other products.  We are all somewhat familiar with their Keepsake ornament line.  Many friends I know, buy one each year for a memento for their children.  I have never bought one.

You know, if it has a tutu or a cute animal and a grandgirlie asked me for it, I would say, yes.  In this case NO, I will not be buying any ornament from Hallmark this season. 

I do not want to have any part in their “bright idea” this year.  That was typed sarcastically.    Remember back to our board meeting?  Yes, they were all seated around a table.  They all voted.  They all WENT ALL WITH THE CROWD.  Follow the money.

Why or how on earth could seemingly decent people go along with what everyone else thought was a good idea?  Do people leave their back bones at the door?  I get it, you have bills to pay, you have kids, you have lessons to pay for and a mortgage.  You do not want to rock the boat for fear of loosing your job or more importantly, your health insurance.

So they took the silly idea of a Christmas sweater and turned it into something STINKY.    Something that is absurd and shameful and actually shown behavior of a 6th grade bully.  Shame on you Hallmark.  Where is your pride?  fun apparel

So the song lyrics they played with:   ‘Deck the Halls’ was translated from Gaelic and published in English back in the 1800’s, the word ‘gay’ meant festive or merry,”  Hallmark in their “wisdom”(?) decided to change the words to “don we now our FUN apparel”.

How sad.  You, in your crummy dark-colored suits, sitting in a room, drinking your tepid water, and burnt smelling coffee, thinking you “know” better than the customer …………………..made this really, really poor decision.  Just to be politically correct. Let’s say what it really is.  That move was not politically correct, that decision was very bad manners and extremely poor judgment on your part.

Where are your good manners?  Did your mothers teach you nothing?  To shame people and their lifestyles is a good choice? This is what you think the Christmas spirit is all about?  You never for a moment thought, “hey, this may hurt many, many people’s feelings”?  Or did you think, let’s cash in on this lower than low idea?

To that I say, Bah Humbug.

Okay, so word has it that Hallmark has decided to rethink its decision to sell the $12.95 ornament.  Because of backlash and maybe people not wanting to spend their dollars at their  store for all products not just a ridiculous, incredibly STUPID idea for an ornament……..GASP, they may loose money.  Shall we rethink this?

Imagine that?  A store not able to rake in oodles of money, because of their dumb idea.  No prancing reindeer here, no silly penguins dressed in menswear, just worms.  Slimy, low life worms.

I am headed over to the Crate & Barrel website to order some penguins ornaments.  They make me giggle.

4 thoughts on “not so fun

  1. This news hasn’t reached our media yet but I expect it will soon. I always feel sad that my distress over the commercial ‘noise’ about Christmas spoils for me what should be a really lovely, happy celebration.

  2. You will be happy to know that I (think) I have never bought a Hallmark ornament. I prefer rustic type, nature looking ornaments for my tree. I have been known to buy a baby’s first Christmas ornament or a first year together (new couple)ornament but I look for something different.
    It is hard to distance oneself from the canned Christmas music, etc in the stores. I just try and remember the reason for the season and remember I cannot control the entire population….I can only control myself.
    I think Christmas is over commercialized and full of hype. It is a challenge not to get caught up in it. Centering myself with God helps keep me on the right path.
    Love you! xo Joanne

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