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The year was 1977.  I had my driver’s license almost a year.  Then it happened.  I “bumped” read that as backed into another person’s car.  I knew the person, so it made it a tad awkward.  However, thanks to my parents and whatever the heck insurance was all about………it all went away.

The year is 2013 and what a year it has been.  I have had my driver’s license about 34 years.  I have had several licenses from different states.  I have even had an international license when we lived in Europe.   I get teased about going under the speed limit.  No, I do not text and drive.  No, I do not put on make up, eat, practice a musical instrument etc.  I have never raised my hand with a finger gesture at anyone, ever.  I am just a boring, milk toast, safety first driver.

parking lotYesterday it happened.  I had been shopping at the local vegetable/fruit stand (side note,  I bought: 2 bunches of kale, 6 cucumbers, 3 heads of celery, 1 pomegranate, mushrooms, lettuce, avocados and cilantro).  Everything paid for and stored in the car.  Seatbelt done, lights on, look both ways, gently back out of the spot.  Then like an old lady driving with not a clue, I kissed the bumper of another driver.  URGH.  I parked and got out and got my phone and insurance card.  I could not remember how to dial the phone.  REALLY?  My hands were shaking.  So as I stood by the other car, waiting for them to purchase their vegetables and fruits……………I remembered to write down everything I was supposed to.  The man and woman came out.  I told them right away, my name and I just hit your car.   The man was in his 80’s and looked at both cars and said, “these small things happen.  If this is the worst thing that could happen, we are all going to be alright.”  So with that, we exchanged information, I shook his hand and again apologized for causing the accident and he got in his car  and began to drive away.  He paused and rolled down his window.  He said, with a smile, “let me be the first to say, Merry Christmas”.  I couldn’t help but smile.

I sort of was hoping for a rude, crass, snotty person.  I wanted the person to be mad at me and yell and holler.  He was a gentleman and behaved in a way, that I hope I will behave when (and it will happen) someone accidentally hits my car.   His calm, steady, polite behavior took the wind right out of my sails.  Stopped me in my tracks.

I figured out how to dial the insurance company.  They were all professional and polite and kind-hearted.  I finished talking to them, then I had to make “the” call.  You KNOW the one.  The call to the husband.   Of course, he said all the right things…………Are you okay?  Are you hurt?  Accidents happen that’s way they call them accidents. ….

I have gone over it a couple hundred times already.   I just misjudged and backed up too far.  Nothing major, just a mistake.  Simple as that.

Now the insurance company will shuffle papers and auto repair people will work their magic, the bags of money will be dipped into and life will go on.  parking lot 2 I have a 1.5 inch scratch and the other person has about a 3 inch scratch.  For dramatic & humor purposes I put this picture into my blog.   I am glad it was not this horrid.

In the midst of claiming there are too many mean people & where have all the manners gone?   Are there any decent people left out there?

……..Why just the other day, I ran into one.  He was the first this season to say Merry Christmas to me.   Yes, Virginia, there are decent people among us.   Even among us goofballs.  sigh.


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  1. I love the picture! Priceless! Merry Christmas! Glad you are fine! So happy to call you friend, you are first class all the way!!! Love ya Girlie,



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  2. Now there’s a silver lining, Daleen! 😉
    I can’t bring myself to skip to Christmas quite yet, so I’ll say Happy Thanksgiving and I’m thankful noone got injured in your little fender bender!

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