good things galore

When one little grandgirlie was napping yesterday, the “big girl” grandgirlie and I got to do grown up things.  DSCN2404 Play Lite Brite, paint toe nails (a must when wearing Doris Day dress up shoes), and have craft time. DSCN2402 She wanted to draw a bit and got some white paper from the “paper machine”.  I asked what is a “paper machine”?  The machine on your desk that makes paper to draw on.  🙂  She had gotten some white copy paper from our printer.  I love that she thinks the machine makes paper for her.

One of my favorite foods as a kid and for that matter a grown up girl, is Apple Butter.  I hardly tell anyone that.  When I was a kiddo, it seemed only the old ladies and me, liked the stuff.  With all the canning my mother, grandmother and relatives did, there was only one or two people who would make and can, Apple Butter.  Oh man, I just loved the flavor, the spices and the smooth creamy richness…………and the SUGAR.  Of course the sugar.  Over the years, I have purchased a jar or two here or there.  The ingredients do not make you feel good about buying the product.

It happened on Friday last week……………..a girlfriend brought a bag of gifts to celebrate our weekend away.  Some food grade Lavender (you just know my mind is swirling on that one ingredient) , there was also a jaunty, sassy ceramic chicken (whom I have fallen in love with and smile every time I see her………..she seems like a Mavis.  I have no idea why) and a jar of APPLE BUTTER.  I can’t really remember if she knew that I adored it or not.  I LOVE  that she thought I would.  This product is the best I have had in ages and ages.  It is from Bellewood Acres, Lynden, Washington.  BE STILL MY HEART.  There is absolutely NO sugar added.  The ingredient list is this:  apples, spices.  God Bless them and my friend.  What a lovely treat.  Just so dang good.  Five gold stars good, yes, that good.

DSCN2398This week Mr. Right brought me a dozen roses.  No it is not my birthday, not our anniversary, he was not in the dog house, not one little reason to deserve gorgeous roses.  I think it is ’cause he likes me.   Have I mentioned lately what a lucky girl I am ?  Well, I am.  period.  the end.

So to sum up,

Lite Brite:  GOOD

Painted toe nails:  GOOD

Paper making machine:  GOOD

Apple Butter:  GOOD

Roses from Mr. Right:  GOOD

Looks like a lot of GOOD!

Happy Friday y’all!

Here’s to a GOOD weekend ahead!

8 thoughts on “good things galore

  1. Kathie

    I LOVE apple butter. Probably the only person in my family as well. It makes me swoon with its rich and creamy taste!! Heavenly 🙂

  2. Y’know this reminds me of a babysitter I had when I was a little girl. When she would babysit, she’d put my sisters to bed then tiptoe back into my room. We’d play or MAKE a board game and play together. I wish I knew who she was. She was fabulous.
    What a wonderful day you had. It sounds like a warm blanket that you wrapped yourself all up in. Your grandgirlie looks like you!
    xo Joanne

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