how do you do

date-rollWhere have you been all my life?  I seek out sweet and delicious all the time.  I can’t believe I have never been introduced to you.   So sweet and sassy with a slice of almond.  These little beauties have three ingredients: dates, coconut and almond.  The label says a servings size is 2.  Oops, I have already had four.  They have only been open 22 minutes.

These little gems have turned this blustery Saturday into a sweet Blustery Saturday.   Hope there is enough left for a sweet Sunday!

4 thoughts on “how do you do

  1. Carmen

    Mmm…I have indeed had these before and yes, they are addicting. They are also so easy to make. But that would make them way too available. 🙂

  2. Kathie

    Sweet treats for a special lady!!! I have been to that little fruit stand in the desert. It is right before you get to one of the largest outlet malls I have ever seen.

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