random sparkles

Colorful-BeadsToday, I was brave and drove the car again.  I am happy to report, I did not hit one car.  I am back baby, and I am really happy about that.

Today, I had the pleasure of taking a bead class.  It was awesome.  I took my teacher as very kicky bag and inside the bag I put a bag of Salt and Vinegar Potato chips.  HEY, it never hurts to butter up the teacher!

I loved that my teacher was very patient and let me ask all sorts of mixed up and random questions.  She was even okay with me bringing my green juice to have as a snack.

I love that she understood my “need” to make patterns and keep things in order.  I really, really loved that she let me ask oodles of questions about how to store the beads neatly and organized.

I am wearing a gorgeous orange and deep plum bracelet that I made.

My mind is swirling with all sorts of possibilities.  I have hope that the two bracelets on my dresser, for over 6 months now, will quite possibly be repaired and worn again.

I love all the sparkles and the feel of the beads.  I wish I could just “do” willy nilly and be free and happy and silly about it.  I am really going to try.

I love that she sent me a text that said, together we can work on random sparkles.

Makes me a happy girl.  Happy equals healing and healing equals healthy girl.

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