“seams” to me

32 years ago, I was in a parking lot waiting for another gal to come out of the classroom.  We were taking both in the same class in college, however, she was several years older than me.  No, I wasn’t stalking her, I wanted to ask her a question.

embroidery envelopeCould you please teach me how to make a French Knot?  I had the fabric swatch, the needle threaded and I was ready to go.  I had learned a bit about her and found out that she did indeed do some handiwork.  She was more than happy to teach me.  She put her books and things down in her car and said, let’s do this.  Easy.  She even let me stand behind her so I could watch, memorize and learn.  She did three or four and then passed it over to me to have a try.  She watched, adjusted my form a bit and that was it.  I was more than thrilled that she taught me so quickly.  It took about 3 minutes.  She was happy to share and teach.

Last week, I had a friend bring me thread, fabric and the question……..”Will you teach me how to make a French Knot”?  I said sure.  Easy.  Took about 3 minutes.  I passed it on and I remembered learning from that lady so many years ago.  french knots

This morning on my phone, I received a text message from a girlfriend.  She told me after her physical therapy session, she taught a gal at that office how to make a French Knot.  Apparently, I do not remember, I had taught that girlfriend how to make the special knot.

I like how the thread gets knotted and the lesson gets passed on.  We no longer teach our children how to stitch in school.  We have very few finishing schools that teach the skills of handiwork.

I remember sitting at a quilting frame in Oklahoma.  I was one of the young chicks.  I was observing, memorizing, watching, drinking it all in.  A couple of weeks later, they asked if I would like to quilt with them. I owe those gals my heart and soul.  I have an amazing hobby of hand quilting that others ask me about.  I was taught by other quilters.

Isn’t it a lovely passion and hobby to love it so much that you want to pass it on to others to enjoy and create?  My grandmother taught me to embroider when I was about 8 years old.  I learned to sew when I was 11.

Have we become a society too “busy” (gosh that word creeps me out)………………..to teach and pass on the love of stitchery and hand work?  Too busy to sew a bonnet for a baby?  Too busy to sew a pillowcase for a friend who is healing?  Too busy to sew a birthday gift?  Seems to me, that it is our calling.  We have been given the gift of creating masterpieces with our hands.  It is part of the process to pass it on to others.  I am grateful to have been the student and I appreciate the skills it takes to be the teacher.

I stitch and it brings me peace.  I have something to pass on to my children and grandchildren.  I have hand-made gifts to give to those who appreciate the skill level and work involved.

Stitch your stress away.

I love to share my tricks of the trade.  It is a pleasure to teach someone else how to cross stitch, embroider, hand quilt, sew.  It is all part of the beautiful process.

Receiving a note from someone for whom I have stitch, brings a huge smile to my face.

Seems to me that we should all be sharing our skills with others.  Maybe instead of watching television or complaining about being “so busy” we should center ourselves and share or learn a skills that will bring us “piece”.   It brings me such happiness to be in my sewing room creating something of value.  I wish that for others.

Sewing mends the soul. 

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  1. Love your blog! I use to do French knots on my doll designs. It is very lost art or so I thought. Good to know your passing the torch!



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