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Two days, shy of 10 months.  It has been a wild ride.  Sort of both hard to believe it has been 10 months and also hard to believe it has ONLY been 10 months.  Feels like a decade.  When you get told you are one sick puppy (not a real puppy) your world sort of crashes and burns in a big way.  It is like what you think it would really feel like if you were at the top of a Ferris Wheel and the seat you & your boyfriend were riding and smooching in, falls off the rails and crashes to the ground.  You are bumped and bruised and shaken to the core.   Your hair is a tangled mess.  Your clothes are askew.  One of your cute sparkle sneakers fell off somewhere.  Your lipstick & mascara are both smudged.  Your boyfriend jumps up first and brushes himself off and then offers you a hand up.  You are stiff and banged up, you manage to get back on both feet and you both start brushing off the sawdust.

The first book I read after “the” day was called “Crazy Sexy Cancer” by Kris Carr.  I owe her my sanity.  She threw me one of those life saving rings you toss to someone drowning.  She tossed it right at me and I grabbed it. I am grateful for all I learn from her.   She helped me stay afloat for a couple of weeks.  One of the chapters was about shopping.  Not really my thing, but I was determined to read every single word (tough to hear or happy).  She said, being sick is expensive.  It costs a ton and then some.  The medicine and the hospital stays and the doctor visits, the oodles and oodles of supplements, the vegetables, fruits,  blah, blah, blah……  and the Shoes.  What?  Back up.  Did she just say shoes?  She said, somewhere along the way, she found buying shoes was good therapy.  Save a little money aside in an envelope for shoe shopping.  She felt better.  She felt happy with a new pair of shoes.  It got a little out of hand.  She may have over indulged.    No worries, that won’t be me!  I don’t care for shopping as much as others.  Good, done.  I won’t be having any shoe therapy.  Sounds silly and ridiculous.  Sounds like a lot of foolish spending of money.

Press the “hold” button.  HOLD.  Um, I may have underestimated my interest and curiosity, in foot ware.  In the name of all that is good and glorious in the world of women who love shoes, I will not , I repeat, will not get up, go into my closet, and count the number of new shoes and boots that may have joined the others in my closet in say, the last 10 months.   That would be in poor taste.  Maybe if I just share a couple of selections, you will get the feel for how cared for my tootsies have been?

“They went into my closets looking for skeletons, but thank God, all they found were shoes, beautiful shoes.”  Imelda Marcos

You may know I research quite a bit.  Every day.  I research “health and wellness” in all it’s twists & turns,  a couple of hours each day.   I have never come across this symptom or cure.   Okay, it might be a secret mystery of the sickness!  I don’t really know how it happened?  It all seems innocent enough.  I NEEDED a new pair of cute, yellow, polka dot, rain boots. DSCN1716 My old ones had a rip in them.  See that seems reasonable.  Then there were the brown cowgirl boots. imagesCAVRYUYL Oh, and the kick ass RED cowgirl boots.  red boots(I love those babies…no, not real babies, yes, I love babies, the boots are not babies……..geesh, stick with me people)  The red loafers, the black loafers, both comfortable.  Then I sort of NEEDED a new pair of Penny Loafers.  I almost forgot about the new sandals for walking and short hikes.  I love the sliver of orange on them.  The new dress shoes were for a wedding.  I was in need of shoes to match a new dress.  Swoon, those heels are simply perfect.  Oh yeah, then the new bling encrusted flip-flops.  Those were actually a birthday gift, which I did not buy myself.  Okay, enough,  listing all of the shoes and sandals and boots really is not part of my wellness plan. It doesn’t seem healthy.   Moving on…….no need to keep droning on and on.DSCN0963

Then yesterday, it sort of happened, again.  The word “sale” piqued my curiosity.  I looked.  I passed.  I drove home.  I called the boyfriend to explain how it seemed very reasonable and did he think I was crazy.  (don’t misunderstand, not to ask permission, to just talk out loud and see if buying more boots was a perfectly logical thing to do.)  He of course said all the right things….. happy, sensible heel, would go with a number of outfits……………………I may need to change my “phone a friend” buddy when it comes to talking over shoes?

I brought home a sensible pair of basic brown boots.  I wore them in my sewing room.  Heck, I am wearing them right this minute, with my pajamas on, to type.  They are very versatile.   They feel soft.  I like the buckles and the zippers. My feet are slapping up and down on the carpet in a little happy dance. brown boots

Okay, I am waving (and doing a jig and smiling) a colorful, sassy flag.  I LOVE and ADORE shoes and they make me very HAPPY.    I admit it.  Each and every shoe, sandal, boot and flip-flop has helped me take a step closer to wellness and health.   I highly recommend this type of medicine, it tastes sweet & it seems to be working.

…oh yeah, and these wild beauties by Franco S….and…animal print shoes

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”  Marilyn Monroe

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  1. Kathie

    Your “therapy” plan makes my heart sing, oh yeah and my toes tap!! A girl can NEVER have enough shoes, of her choosing, in her closet. On that you can shut the door, but leave a teeny tiny opening for the new “friends” that will be skipping your way 🙂

  2. Funny, I have heard or read that quote from Marilyn a few times this week ! I have to agree new shoes or boots are good for the soul!!! Costco has the most wonderful black or brown winter boot, fur lined, water proof and only $39.99. I love mine, keeps my toes nice and warm and they look amazing. See, I feel good just talking about them. Your definitely on to something!! Love ya Girlie !



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