1.7 ounces

DSCN2490Yesterday, I posted this picture on face book.  I was just so dang tootin’ eggcited!  I sent texts.  I sent emails.  I jumped up and down and did the happy dance with our oldest grandgirlie.

We had all but given up on the idea of gathering eggs.  Even though Mr. Right was starting to call them some unflattering names, we had resigned ourselves to just having chickens in our lives as pets, not producers.  We even considered (GASP) fibbing a bit and putting eggs into the box for the grandgirlies to find.  You see kids, chickens lay eggs…………..

Yesterday, after spending what seemed like 22 minutes to put gloves on the little hands of a 3-year-old cute girl, we went outside to feed the chickens.  I think it is adorable, that cute girl says, “the chickens like me”.  They must like how short she is?  They fuss around her and see what she is all about.  I think the sparkles on her shoes are pretty enticing as well.

I opened the roosting box, and was fussing with my bucket and my own gloves to do a little light housekeeping.  Cute girl says, “egg”.   I think my eyes must have jumped out like a cartoon character!  I was SHOCKED to see a real egg.  It’s outer shell a beautiful creamy color.  I screamed……… I have to go get my camera!  You stay here, you are 3, you are old enough to guard an egg!  Then I came running back, flapping like a chicken, screeching and laughing, coat flapping and juggling the camera and the cell phone.  Drats, batteries dead.  I will be right back.  Stay here!  When I came running, hopping, doing a jig back………….cute girl yelled, “I have to go potty”.  I screamed, lets move it sister!  We both went running into the house.  Camera, cell phone, egg………..everything just abandoned for the more important things in life!  Okay, sister, let’s do this.  Oh no, not the gloves again?  Geesh, okay, each little opening gets only one finger”…………….

okay, about 25 minutes after first gazing at the most beautiful egg I ever did see……………I snapped the picture. Ahhhh.  just so EGGciting.  I had to share.  First, with the lady who thought enough of me and knew I could get well enough to take care of some chickens………….she got the first picture.  She was proud and happy as a new Grandma!  She said all the right things.  She even said, Yeehaw!  Let the daily Easter Egg hunt begin!  Then to Mr. Right……….”guess what the Buzzards did”?  🙂  Cute girl got to call her Papa at work!  He was so eggcited, I think he scared her a little bit.  Her eyes got wide and she said Papa is happy.

Back to the top of my story.  I posted the picture on face book.   Earlier today I read this:  What are social media outlets for if not to inflate both our successes and ignore our failures in the hopes of better connecting with our fellow (wo)man?   I sort of loved the sarcasm.

Yes, I was shouting to the world about “the” egg.  It is not really my success.  A chicken (a well-tended, maybe pampered) chicken, gave us an egg.  I was just spreading the Good News across the land for others to enjoy!!!!!!

Don’t worry, in all the flapping and hopping and screaming, I did remember to thank the chickens for the egg.  Cute girl said, “good job”.  🙂

Seems like ages since I posted my first blog about Hot Chicks………….guess who came to live with us……………….I wonder when we will get eggs?

November 21, 2014, a 1.7 ounce egg of pure goodness was delivered in Spanaway, Washington!  YEEHAW!

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