cozy up!

…and then there is the gift exchange……………what on earth can you buy/make for $5.00 limit?   You can do better than 5 scratch tickets!  Need a stocking stuffer for a college girl?   Want to give a tip to your babysitter or daycare worker?  How about your mail lady (Hi, Diane!)?

DSCN2610It took me longer to sift through my button jar to find some buttons to use then it did to actually sew this gift.  I used left over fabric and lining fabric and left over iron on fleece.  I used buttons from my jar.  So in essence, it was FREE!!!!!  It took 10 minutes to make.  easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!  I used a “to go” beverage cup.  I put a $5.00 coffee/hot cocoa card inside.  Then I wrapped the cup in my new cozy.  DSCN2613

Almost instant gift.  🙂  I downloaded the pattern from  You will find all sorts of creative ideas.  My mind is still twirling and swirling.  Go see Kate, her site is fun and happy.   It made me happy to whip something up in less time then it would take to drink a hot cocoa while out and about.

tis the season to give of yourself!  If you can’t sew, agree to barter with someone.  Say, trade them a coffee card for three of these beauties!  Trade them a small jar of raw honey for three of these gems!  Trade 3 homemade cards for three of these beauties!  Use your noodle, bartering is fun and amazing when both parties feel like they got the better end of the deal.   Hello my little beauty, gift exchanges just got a little cozy!  DSCN2617

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  1. Kathie

    Sorting through buttons reminds me of being little and going to Nana and Papa’s and playing for what seemed like hours with her big button tin.

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