not as easy as it looks

We all waste spend time on Pinterest and blog surfing.  They sort of suck me in and then next thing you know it is 2 hours later.  I try to spend as much time DOING the crafts or making the recipes as I do looking.   The posed Holiday pictures look amazing.  Silly glasses, scarf props, moustaches……….all goofy and perfect family fun.

We have all seen the funny photo props.  Now, it works well at say a wedding, where the guests are old enough and not standing in the chill of a snow patch.  The kids in the staged photos look at least 10-11 years old.   The results are usually funny and silly and make you smile.  I am guessing they take several shots to get a couple of magazine worthy poses.

I honestly remember saying, once we are empty nesters, we will just go and have a formal picture done each year.  It will be calm and peace filled.  We will use good pens to sign our names.  We will each spell our names properly.  (don’t ask, one pre-teen was a bit miffed about having to sign “so many cards” he decided to spell his name incorrectly to “show us”.  nice)  We will sip cocoa and listen to lovely Christmas carols as we lovingly sign and seal each card. hahahahaha

We even have a friend who hand makes each and every one of her Christmas cards.  We have a friend who paints a picture for each card.  COME ON PEOPLE, you are giving us all a bad name!  Tis the season and all that stuff.

IMG_2211While this year, we will not be doing a long family letter to put inside our Christmas cards (we do not want to relive the “magic” of  2013), we wanted something funny and happy.  Something that says GOODBYE 2013 and HELLO 2014!!!!  It has been a bumpy year to say the least, so we are thrilled to be leaving it IMG_2208behind, forever.

Last night, mostly because I don’t care for television and I was hiding from real life,  I spent (honestly) 2 hours finding the perfect, colorful card, that a company would make for us with our picture.  Something silly and goofy………….“laughing all the way”……………………”oh what fun”…………”merry, merry everything”…………………then I remembered that I actually purchased cards last year after Christmas.  So we will use those, very nice ones and slap a silly picture inside.  Not what I had envisioned.  However, it will work.

IMG_2254Someday, I am going to be all prepared and wealthy.  I am going to send out printed cards, with a picture, that I don’t have to write Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year over 100 times.  We won’t even have to sign our names or the dog’s name.  Each perfect card will be engraved with our names in perfect penmanship.  I will just put them in the perfect envelope with our address already printed on them.  I will be dressed in a jaunty scarf and casually drive over to the post office three weeks early and mail all our cards.  Every single one will be on time, even the cards that have to fly to Canada and Germany.  I will be calm and will stop for an Almond Milk latte on the way home to toast my efficient and punctual handling of the annual greeting cards.IMG_2255

We are grateful and lucky to have a need to mail out so many greeting cards.  It is our pleasure.  Some years more daunting than others.  Just the stacks and stacks of them.

Okay, for real, I am going to work early on ordering Christmas cards for 2014.  It is going to be a happy, uplifting, healthy, wonderful, fantastic year.  We will want to send out incredible cards to one and all.  I will order early and will use a coupon and I will be calm and jolly.

Tomorrow Hanukah begins.  (yes, I have a really great pun card for Mr. Right) , Thursday, we stop and take a moment (and three hours to prepare said grateful meal) to be sincerely grateful.  Then the whirlwind of the holiday “magic” begins.  (I am ignoring all the homes with their lights and trees already lit and up and their wreaths already on their doors.)

Merry, Merry to all of us.  IMG_2257

6 thoughts on “not as easy as it looks

  1. SilverLinings61

    Formal Schmormal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The last picture in this blog is PERFECT for a photo card 🙂
    ♫ Laughing all the way!♫

  2. Jan

    Gee… we are like an assembly line. the boys spell their names right, but Ben’s is a scribble by the end. lol I wonder is ANYONE really cares that we all wrote our own names?
    Sorry, I guess this was more of my random thoughts then a comment about. your blog. lol

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