bag lady

I have sewed (tweaked and perfected the pattern) 12 medium-sized make up/whatnot bags.  I have filled some for college girls, sick friends, birthday girls, just for fun and other silly reasons.  I have enjoyed finding buttons and fabrics and lining fabrics.  It has been fun and happy and pretty darn quick.  I love filling them with toe nail polish, and sweet treats and candy cane gum and Halloween candy corn, fudge sauce and more.  I have three or four-lined up to make next.

We are lucky enough to be planning a trip to New England.  Yes, we leave pretty soon.  We have not had a vacation in quite some time.  We both have been looking forward to the fun of a holiday away.  I am praying for oodles and oodles of snow.  My brother-in-law says, if I take his safety class, he will teach me how to work a snow blower!  I hope I earn a certificate suitable for framing, haha.  I hope there is snow to blow the entire time we are there!  I am so looking forward to having a slice of blackberry pie and a cup of coffee with my sister-in-law.  I can already taste her flakey, mouth melting crust.  I can already hear her giggle and smell the coffee in her beautiful, warm kitchen.

Before we jump on a plane, we have to pack.  We have suitcases ready.  We have clothes bought and ready for any occasion they can throw at us.  We traipsed around all weekend finding this and that to take with us.  Things we “needed” to have.  Read that as oodles of snacks and little clear containers so the TSA will be happy with our choices.

I have an ugly plain Jane, black make up bag. I am not fibbing.  I have “it” on my list of to-do’s this week……….make a fun, lively, happy, cheerful make up bag for yourself.

DSCN2656Then it happened.  Today, a real sweetheart of a girlfriend, thought, hey, I know someone who may not have taken the time to sew a bag for herself.  I received a wonderful surprise “have a fun trip” present!!!!!!  I am lucky enough, to be bathed in the Grace of Pure Happiness, Pure Friendship!

Yep, I am now a very happy owner of my very own bag.  She used umbrellas so I wouldn’t forget which state I come from.  For the lining, she used jaunty, happy sea gulls wearing rain boots and happy, silly yellow rain bonnets.  Those Sea gulls of Washington state have such a saucy sense of humor. DSCN2661 Tucked inside my wonderful, new, useful, happy make up bag were all sorts of goodies a girl needs: potions and lip balm & high heel printed tissues….and before I leave on a jet plane, I will have a fresh pedicure with my new sassy toe nail polish that she so generously included.  DSCN2662

This grateful, bag lady is almost ready to take flight.   “I’m leaving on a jet plane….”

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