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One of the big reasons that I removed my blog postings from Face book, is the ugly or less than stellar remarks.  While I am open to a brisk dialog if we disagree, being mean and ugly just doesn’t work for me.  I have an entire post to write about the social media and how we are not being kind to one another.  Saving for another time.

This is a book review.  Nothing more.  NO politics are involved. The book was written by a mom of 6 boys, one husband, 6 daughter in-laws and oodles and oodles of grands.   This book is about getting the family meal on the table, picnic table, tv trays, blanket on the beach……… get the idea.  It is about celebrating and favorite traditions.  The photographs in this book are glorious and will make you smile.

Some of the recipes are old favorites, not all are healthy.  The overall view is trying to get a meal put together for twenty plus something every single time they gather.  It is about connecting as a family and feeding their souls as well as their stomachs.   Some recipes are simple reminders like:  oh gee, a Caesar salad sounds good.  Some are more time involved.

romney family tableIf you are in your local library and come across the book “The Romney Family Table” by Ann Romney………..check it out.  If you have someone on your list this holiday that is a cookbook lover, or a mom of many or few, buy the book, give the book.  Yes, that lovely of a book.

You learn about the backbone of a huge, working family.  Instead of listening to what the media has to say about people in the public eye, I thoroughly enjoying reading and learning for myself.

I must say, from the time, I cracked open this beautiful book, drooled over food pictures and laughed over food and family antics and traditions, until the very last page, I felt like I had been graciously invited to share a family meal with a very nice American family.

It was a book well worth my time.  Somehow after reading this offering, I felt like I could and want to do a little something extra at our next family gathering.

Happy Reading, cooking and picture-taking!  Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “family table

  1. Jan

    On topic in away. We always (99.9%) of the time, eat as a family at the table. I some how end up feeling weird or like i need to keep it secret… on the down low. I feel judged in a bad way when people find out. they look at us like we are super weird. or super old fashion.

    1. Thanks for stopping by.
      I gave up years and years ago, caring what people think about our table manners, traditions and yes dining at the table each night. Even Zoe, pointed to the head chair and said that is Papa’s chair. 🙂
      We are ready to replace our dining room set. It has a LOT of memories around that table. Might be hard to let the old wobbly thing go.
      Bon Appetit!

  2. SilverLinings61

    I have seen that book and wondered if it would be a good read – thank you for the review!
    I look forward to the day our little family adds a daughter-in-law or two and some grandchildren… 🙂

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