Happy Harmonica

There once was a time in my life that I was surrounded by men.  One husband, two boys, heck even the dog was a boy.  (R.I.P. Quincy).  I was the only girlie in our group.

Then something wonderful happens as a reward for hanging out and matching up all those dingy, white, socks.  Sure they had their initials on the bottom with a sharpie……….still not that fun to match up.

The boys, move away, go to college and bring home beautiful, smart, sassy, fun, saucy, creative, wonderful GIRLS!  Our youngest, brought home one of those intelligent, gorgeous, California girls.

As part of the reward, we get to celebrate more birthday’s in our family.  Our circle just gets bigger and bigger with more goodness.

Happy, Happy, Birthday to our little harmonica! Monica & Gabe, birthday Hockey game Happy Birthday, Mrs. Monica Wilson!  We are so lucky to have you add more “girlie” to our group.

One of the cool things about our amazing daughter in law….. she LOVES Hockey and embraces it with PASSION. This picture is the two of them last night at the Ducks game.

Here’s to you and all that you love!  Today, we celebrate you and all your goodness!

That smile…………….for all the legos and match box cars I stepped on (right in the middle of my bare foot), all the track meets, cross-country meets, football games, golf lessons, tennis lessons, t-ball & soccer games, all the driving to skate parks, and the never-ending sound of a basketball smacking the pavement outside my kitchen window………………… her smile makes him smile….WOW, a great reward!

Love ya, girlie!  Hope your day and many more to come are all AMAZINGLY HAPPY!

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