boy germs

I grew up with two sisters.  We had oodles of girl cousins and neighborhood girlfriends and girlfriends from school.  We wore dresses and pretty shoes that my father always shined Saturday night for the next morning’s Sunday School attire.  We fussed over our hair.  Lots of hair.  Long, beautiful, curly hair.  Hair ribbons and bows and dippity do and pony tails and braids and tangles and tears.  We attended “White Gloves and Party Manners” classes.  We were taught good manners and how to walk like a lady by practicing with a broom stick and a book on our heads.  We walked outdoors on the patio with our fancy high-heeled shoes while wearing shorts and rolled up play pants.  We were learning to become young ladies.

Somewhere, sometime, it happened.  Boys.  They sure were a different breed.  They were messy and dirty and rumpled and sweaty and THEY DIDN’T care.

I grew up in the great state of Washington.  Clear across the land and in a different country, two brothers were growing up in Quebec.   Little did I know that they rough housed and fought and wrestled and poked at each other.  Those two guys did not have a Blue Ribbon upbringing.

However, somehow, they figured out the good stuff.  They figured out how to buy gorgeous jewelry  and buy pretty flowers for the ladies in their lives.  They figured out how to treat their wives with pure goodness.  They figured out how to find a career and stick with it and rise to the top.  Somehow without any guidance, they figured out the words, patriotism and loyalty.

I doubt you will find two brothers who will talk about it less, ignore the amazing bond they have, not mention what they have built and joke more.

The men in my life are faithful as the day is long.  They are both intelligent, funny, honest,  competitive with themselves and have an amazingly strong sense of right and wrong.  It is crystal clear to them.  No matter what others think, they know the path they are walking.    Sometimes their mannerisms or actions are so similar it is spooky. Both have a love affair with being on time, (to them that means 11 minutes early to everything).  Both stomp the snow off their boots they same way.

When my sister-in-law and I married our guys,………..we each got a brother as well.  Gosh, I can’t tell you how much I love those guys.

When I am in the same room, restaurant, building, classroom, kitchen….. as those two men, I feel safe and protected and cared for, adored and loved.  It is this strange, shimmering, almost glimmer of a bubble that protects us, in that very moment in time.

Decades later,  I scratch my head and ponder, just how on earth did those two, boys with germs, grow up to be men of honor?

You can actually feel the respect they have for one another.

They give each other space.

They have each other’s back.

One drives a truck, the other a car.  They root for very different Hockey teams. Yesterday, one awoke to -17* and the other to 41*.

They have been playing the same golf board game for over 30 years.  DSCN2841

They’d lay down their lives for each other.

Boys Germs – Brothers……………. it takes my breath away.  

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  1. Carmen

    This post brought such warmth to my heart. Thank you for sharing about two of the faithful men you have in your life. There are fewer and fewer of those types of men around these days. I do know two others though…the sons you raised, by the examples the four of you have been.

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