Peace of Pie

blackery pie 3I am not sure if it is because I have not had sugar since that delightful personal crème brulee for my birthday in May, or if I just thought of the moment so long?  I had been dreaming about, thinking about, judging everything against it for months.  “THE” pie.  The slice of thick, deep & intense color, aromatic, mouth-watering (even before I tasted it), the heavenly scent of Blackberry Pie.

Every time in the last few months, I would spy a dessert or a candy or have a mini meltdown over not being able to have what I wanted, I thought of Blackberry Pie.  A friend gently told me, that maybe a piece of pie or a Bliss bar once during the season would be a lovely treat and not a terrible thing.  Maybe a tiny indulgence would be a good thing.

I may have forgotten the words “tiny indulgence” while on vacation.  Over the course of a week, I INDULGED with FOUR generous slices of pie.  I was a member of the clean plate club each time.

My sis in law, is amazing.  Not only does she bake like an angel………oh those flakey crusts…………..they melt in your mouth……….the flavor, rich, buttery, slightly crisp and if lucky you get a tiny piece of the crust that is baked a minute or two too long and it is toasty and light brown……………

Where was I?  Oh yes, my sis in law.  I could not have made it through the last (2 days shy) of twelve months without her.  She has listened to me cry, rant, rave, SWEAR, sniff my snotty nose, beg for answers, ask a million and one questions.  She has listened and listened and sent cards and goodies and little presents.  She has answered the phone every single time, I needed help.  She has helped me heal.  She has walked over the hot coals and not complained once.  She has agreed with me when I said some medical person was mean and nasty.  She has listened to me complain and grumble and sob.  Although she may not have agreed 100% with my “kooky” ideas, she never once let on.  She supported me and continues to do so, every single step in this jig.  She goes to the gym daily, I think of her when I am biking.  She is an amazing wife and mom and friend.  She has taught me so much.

She made me a promise of a blackberry pie.  Yes, that is what it took for me to keep working every single day.  To take all 47 supplements daily, bike four miles a day, get fresh air, get sunshine, do my yoga, think positive, research and more research, drink my green juice and avoid all the bad stuff out there.  The carrot (yes, I eat at least four a day) dangling at the end of that wooden stick…………………a slice of homemade blackberry pie.

blackberry pie sliceThe small round table was set, the forks were placed in their proper place, the drawer was pulled open to get a knife to cut into that beautiful, marked with a “B” in the crust, pie.  (Mr. Right says it is for him, Bruce, I say it is for Blue Ribbon, she giggled and said it is for Blackberry)  That first slice was gently placed on a plate and served.  It was the longest 2 minutes to wait I have ever sat through.  Being polite and waiting until all have been served was almost more than this fussy girl could handle.  I can smell the cups of coffee, swirling with a dark, rich scent all around us.  Waiting, just waiting to compliment that slice of goodness.  Pure goodness.

The moment the fork at an angle, pierced the point of that slice of heaven.  The weight of it on my fork.  Bringing it to my mouth. Closing my lips around the fork and sliding the triangular piece off the fork and onto my tongue.  Letting it sit there and melt in my mouth.  The chewing, the flavor, the tart, the sweet, the savory crust…….my mouth is watering right now as I type.  blackerry pie taste

I earned that bite of pie.  I earned every single bite of that slice.  Actually I earned every bite of the four slices I had while on vacation.  Yes, I was willing to pay for plane tickets and fly from one side of the country to the other, rent a car, drive four hours, wear boots, live through -8*, have my hair go insanely “joyful” for a few days, blow my nose until it looked like Santa’s, act like a goofy girl with the time change (I still haven’t reset my watch, now that I think about it), one dead battery, one missed wake up call, endure one freshly painted elevator in a hotel that stunk to high heaven……………………all, all of that for a piece of pie.  Well, and I got to hug my family and say thank you in person for helping me back on the road to wellness and health.  I worked hard everyday to make that journey.  It was worth it, oh was it worth it.

For some reason, I got incredibly lucky.  I got a sister out of the marriage deal.  She is the real thing.  She is intelligent, funny, kind, loyal, sews amazing Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, is a wonderful wife and example for me. She doesn’t judge and here is a very girly thing………her nails………………she does and takes care of her nails almost daily.  They look pretty and cared for and beautiful on a daily basis.   AND, she has the best laugh in the world.  It makes you feel like everything is going to be okay.

Man oh man, do I LOVE her and her Blackberry Pie.  I tell you, it could inspire Peace on Earth and Harmony across the world.  Yes, that good.

One time years ago, together we wrote a cookbook.  On the cover, we wrote, “Chance made us sisters, Hearts made us Friends”.  It is my good fortune and a privilege and honor to call her friend.

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