time for a change

I am easing into Monday.  Settling in and finding my inner peace.  Yep, worked through some yoga this morning, nice and steady and slow and methodical.

I may have over done it the last few weeks?  I am feeling it and not proud of the feeling.  I adore our dog, however, she got all excited and “loved” me a little too much on Friday.  She showed her love by knocking me down in the backyard.  I am still feeling a bit stiff and sore.  Geesh.

So last night while Mr. Right put up a tree ( a smaller version of our usual 800 ornament crowning glory) and put a candle in each window.  I was stitching and watching.

Today, I have a couple of last-minute goodies to buy.  Oh and I need some almond milk.  Stopping by the fish market to pick up some goodies for us.

I like the idea of tradition.  However, sometimes, our traditions are far from simple and easy.

I enjoy baking bread to give to friends during this time of year.  I will continue that tradition.

I enjoy our candles in the windows and our Seafood feast on Christmas eve.

I don’t like the feeling of having to give a gift because it is expected.  The gift thing still has my brain all twisted up.  Even a great cup of morning coffee is not untangling that mess.  I like the idea of taking a surprise goodie to my honey lady.  Nope, she wasn’t expecting it.  Yes, she was happy and thrilled and gave me a great big hug.  She almost yelled, Merry Christmas! …and I do believe she meant it.   I don’t care for the idea of folks not being friendly, nor kind, nor thoughtful throughout the year, then presenting us with a gift.  Merry Christmas?  weird.

I have had an incredibly hard time this season with celebration foods and goodies.  For over 35 years and well my whole life, I have celebrated this yearly holiday with sugar and cookies and peanut brittle and candy and Jewish cookies and traditional fare.  It has been tough.

I have implemented some new lovely things I hope to be a tradition.  I did enjoy visiting family the beginning of the month.  I don’t know if we can do that every year, but I sure would like to try to do it more frequently.  I LOVE the huge basket of little, easy to peel & eat, oranges on the counter to grab one as you pass by.  sweet.

One thing, I am going to try, instead of our usual Cinnamon Rolls for Breakfast Christmas morning………………………..I am going to borrow a tradition from my niece.  I am making the batter the night before.  I will be making crepes come Christmas morning.  It is a tradition in their home.  I am going to borrow that tradition and tweak it a bit for us in the Pacific Northwest.  While I doubt that the Wilson’s on the East coast will be filling their crepes with crab and shrimp , we will be sharing the tradition of a lovely crepe breakfast to begin the day.  It makes me happy and I feel connected by creating the same breakfast.DSCN2817

It’s time for some changes.  Not all changes are bad.  The time has come to clean out the old and make way for some really wonderful new treats and ideas.

Thank the good Lord, that I have people in my life willing to share the goodness of their holiday.  Willing to share the things that make it special for them.

Can’t wait for Christmas breakfast.  Yes, I plan on using fresh eggs in the crepe batter.  Yes, I will think of and be grateful for my niece who shared her recipe.

I love the idea of bathing Mr. Right and I in pure goodness and grace, on Christmas morning.  Love to hear what you serve for the morning meal on Christmas day.

Merry Christmas from my niece, my sis in law and me.  Look at those pretty Christmas smiles!  DSCN2822


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  1. We are having pancakes with strawberries and whip cream Christmas morning. Usually we have Scott’s homemade cinnamon rolls but it’s to much for him this year with the bad knee.

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