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Once, when I was a young school girl in the early 1970’s,  I was walking home with some girlfriends.  We were on a corner saying a long goodbye, we won’t see you until tomorrow….what are you going to wear………………  just then a car drove by, a little boy in the back seat stuck his tongue out at me.  So I stuck my tongue out at him.  His Dad pulled over, stopped the car and got out.  He gave me a talking to about my bad behavior.    I didn’t say a thing, except I am sorry.  I remember it today 2013.

Yesterday, while driving around getting last-minute stocking stuffers and a couple of groceries, I momentarily wished it was the 70’s.  As a long line of cars waiting through yet another red light, people & their frustrations were bubbling.  Cars swerved out of lanes and I ended up behind the “problem” child driving a pretty new, silver Subaru, Washington license plate 384-YTG.  Yes, I memorized it, I had the time.  She was a cute girl who appeared to be about 16 or 17.  She was texting and kept missing the green light to make the left turn.  Once it turned green, I lightly tooted on the horn and she jolted forward.  Myself and two other cars made it through the light.  I followed her and she was drifting into the right lane, then the left.  People were honking at her.  She sped up and then slowed way down.  I wanted to get away from her, for safety reasons and because she was making me crazy.

Actually, I wanted to pull up in front of her, slow down, stop and walk over to her window.  I wanted to hold out my hand and say it.  Hand over the keys.  I mean it, right now.  I will drive you home and give these keys to your parents who bought you this nice car.  I wanted to teach her a lesson she would never forget.  I wanted her to understand the privilege it is to drive.  I wanted her to understand how many of our lives are in her hands.  I wanted her parents to give a hoot.  But alas, in the day and age that we live, I had no right to do that.  Nor would the parents appreciate me “helping” them parent.

I am still a parent and YES, both our boys and girls know exactly how I feel about texting and driving.

She finally turned off.  I went on my merry way.  I prayed for her safety and those around her.

TaylorThen I thought of our friends Clay and Shauna Sauer and their family.   They lost their sweet daughter Taylor, because of texting.  I wonder how their hearts break all over again when they see a young person texting and driving.  It has been a long grieving process.  I am so humbled and impressed with the lengths that family has gone to, in helping educate and bring awareness to this social problem of all ages.  Please say a prayer of peace and goodness for this wonderful family.  www.facebook.com/TaylorsCorner1   May God Bless the work the Sauer Family is doing on behalf of their daughter & sister.  Thank you for walking over the coals of grief to help so many.

To: silver Subaru 384-YTG………………. may God watch over you and bathe you in the Grace that young people need.  Texting while driving is an extremely high price to pay for being a silly, goofy kid.  Maybe if you are old enough to drive, you aren’t so silly and goofy.  Maybe you need to understand the lesson.

Please share this post with any kiddo in your life.  I know they will roll their eyes.  Let them roll their eyes at me.  I don’t care.  I will gladly stand beside their car and hold out my hand to them as well.  I am more than willing to be the mean old lady.  Yep, that’s me.  Caring and mean.

2 thoughts on “put it down

  1. SilverLinings61

    Caring, yes. Mean, no. Two texting drivers took away most of 2013 for us. They were both college-age girls (don’t deserve to be called young women). It’s not only teenagers or young 20-somethings who need to be told (or reminded). I know of people close to my advanced (smile) age who think they can successfully text and drive — it’s a LIE!!!
    I’m at the ready with you to hold out my hand. Glad you were not in that girl’s path…I’ll be praying she wakes up before harming someone or herself.
    Thanks for sharing your story 🙂

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