a jar of GOOD

Oh boy, oh boy, do I adore this idea…………………………… Please join me?  Let me know if you love it as much as I do.  This is going to be exceptional and fun and easy and happy!

We can all jump on the band wagon.  It’s free, it’s easy, it is going to be so rewarding………………………….

good jarGrab an empty jar — an old bottle of marinara sauce, mason jar or whatever. Clean it well and leave it someplace where you see it all the time, like on the fireplace or near your night stand. Every time something good happens, write it on a piece of paper and slip it into the jar. Then on December 31st, 2014, we will dump it out and read it. Chances are something great has already happened this year, so you already have something to add to it. (This idea came to me by way of http://happyherbivore.com/  Engine 2 Diet )

Yes, we already have our jig saw puzzle picked out for New Years Eve.  We have our snacks planned and I we are looking forward to a new year full of GOODNESS and HEALTH and WELLNESS and so much happiness it will be ridiculously amazing. 

Instead of grumbling and repeating all the stupid, awful, horrid, nasty, crummy stuff that happened in 2013…………….we are working on setting the stage for an amazing 2014!!!!

I hope our jar of GOOD is so full we will have to cram and jam and poke and Smoosh all the notes of GOOD that happens to us in the up coming year.

I adore this week in between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.   Such promise and hope, by way of boxing things up and clearing the decks.  Wiping the slate clean and beginning over.  It’s like a do over for adults.  We get to have a do over.  Imagine that.  All the stupid, dull, uninspired things of years past…………gone.  Only the hope of incredible grace and good and silly and happy will be at our beck and call.

I am going to embrace it and do the new year up right.  Happy and Positive and Cheerful with a spring in my step.

Won’t you join me?

Oh just think of all the possibilities?

10 thoughts on “a jar of GOOD

  1. My blogging friend Karen Sanderson at The Word Shark posted something like this last year and I meant to do it but never did. I just washed out a jar and it’s on the counter now. Ready, set, go!

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  3. SilverLinings61

    Count me in – great idea.
    Using a large Mason jar that I plan to have over flowing this time next year!!!!!
    Wishing you blessings too numerous to count in 2014!!!

    1. Wonderful! Thanks for stopping by and for joining in my silliness.
      We have a jar, cleaned, empty and ready to fill.
      I love the idea of focusing on the “GOOD” in our lives.
      Here’s to you and yours for a HEALTHY and HAPPY and PURE GOODNESS filled 2014!
      We are in this together. It is going to be a goofy and fun ride this next year.
      Blessings back to you.

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