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This morning while reading my devotional, the focus of our prayer time was for “those seeking a fresh start”.  I included my name in that group.

Waiting to start on January 1, is like some sort of kind of crazy diet……….”I will start on Monday”.  haha

New YearWhile I am officially waiting for New Year’s Day to wipe the slate clean and start fresh, I have begun to clean and I can “smell” the fresh in my fresh start.  Our Creator has already given each of us gifts. As I look ahead to the new year, I pray for wisdom to recognize my gifts and to seek opportunities to use them for good.

Each day this week, a bit more cleaning, a bit more organizing is taking place.  The recycle bin is full to overflowing and the garbage can is screaming for relief.  While I do enjoy a good clean out, I am trying to come up with ideas on how I might handle things better this coming year.  I do not want to sick my head in the sand and pretend that everything is peachy.  I would rather focus the biggest block of my time and energy on good.

While physically cleaning and organizing is tangible and rather easy to accomplish, it is my attitude and behavior I am choosing to change in the coming year.  I am seeking pure goodness in how I behave.

Yesterday, a friend revealed her very serious medical condition.  It is all about her, however, after I hung up the phone the wind had been knocked right out of me.  Immediately,  I lifted her name up in prayer.  I thought of little else since.  I am trying to figure out a way to be caring and supportive and yet in an upbeat, happy, positive way.  We all know folks who for some reason, take on your illness or condition and are very, very sad/sorry for you.  You end up spending more than enough time, trying to make them feel better.  I want it to be easy for my friend when she opens my cards and notes.  I want my little gifts of goodness to be a sparkle to her spirit.  I don’t want her to cringe if she reads or hears my name.  I want her to be curious & eager to see what I have up my sleeve that day.  I want to be a sparkle in her day.

I do not want to spend the year ahead feeling guilty for anything.  I want my spirit to soar and live joyously.  I have spent more than enough time this past year beating myself up and forgetting to let my sparkle shine.  Instead of waiting until the New Year, last night I worked up my big girl courage and as gently as I could, told Mr. Right, I would like to return the beautiful Brighton purse he gave me for Christmas.  Of course he was super easy-going about it and not a problem.  I was just fretting and worried and boy, I did not want to feel guilty for the year or many years to come, every time I spied that beauty in my closet.

I would rather send my family a gift on January 23rd then wait until their anniversary.  I would rather send lovely little Valentine gifts then wait for a birthday.  I would rather call a friend out of the blue and have a silly conversation, then text a couple of lines and call it good. New Year two

My fresh start includes kindness to myself as well as others.  Instead of kicking myself for leaving off (on purpose) one family on my Christmas card list (we received their card yesterday)………I want to focus on the 100’s we sent out on time and with a silly picture.

I want my fresh start to include celebrating my good behavior.  I am taking the word “Happy” in Happy New Year to heart.  I think we all could use a fresh start.

“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.” 
Edith Lovejoy Pierce



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  1. SilverLinings61

    I can feel your joy and love that you will be praying for wisdom to use your God-given gifts for good. (Guess what? You already do!)
    Here is to a fresh start in 2014!!!
    Happy New Year to you and Mr. Right (and Sweet Liberty and the Girls)

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