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One of the few and very cool things about having your brain not work for a few months, is that when you start to come out of the fog, everything is fresh and new (to you) and well, dog gone exciting.  So , come to find out, I am a bit late getting to the party…………..  there just happen to be over 4 and half million other people who are already in their party clothes and fancy hats, dancing and having fun sharing this recipe……yes, that many people have already searched out and found this recipe on-line.  They already have their party shoes on, while I am wiggling my bare tootsies with a cute pedicure (I might add).    So while this may be old hat to some, and they are on their third or fourth batch, this is brand new to me.  In my quest to clean up our lives, I continue to try new to me, natural homemade cleaning products.   So long, bad, nasty, harsh, chemicals.  Hello, healthy, happy, fresh, clean, lovely life.

DSCN3026This week, I made Orange cleaner.  I put it together and now the hard part, I have to wait 30 days for it to “cure”.  Jeepers Creepers, the waiting, sigh.  However, looking at those glass jars filled with glorious color, sure makes me smile.  Makes me feel like I am doing something good.  Once it has had time to do its thing, you strain it and dilute with a bit of pure water and put it into spray bottles and start cleaning.

I found this cleaner recipe on a Chicken blog I follow.  Give huge kudos and credit where it is do! It is a powerful, all natural cleaner to clean chicken coops.  It disinfects and also gets rid of nasty bugs before they have a chance to hatch.  Flys and mosquitoes and other insects hate the lovely scent of vanilla.  Cinnamon kills mosquito larvae.  Look at me learnin’…………  Then she goes on to say, hey, this stuff smells wonderful and is a super, duper  (I added the duper) cleaner, so make a batch for your kitchen.

orange peel cleaner“Cleanliness is not next to godliness.  It isn’t even in the same neighborhood.  No one has ever gotten a religious experience out of removing burned-on cheese from the grill of the toaster oven.”  
―Erma Bombeck

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