Say Grace for polka dot eggs

I don’t think of myself as a “know it all” type of gal.  I love going on behind the scenes tours.  I adore reading “how to” books.  I love seeing how things work.  I try not to be a “Veruca” type of gal.  Wanting and having everything my way, now.

Sometimes, my brain has better ideas.  Well, at least I think they are better ideas.  I want to change the name of an egg recipe. I think it could catch on.  Easy to remember, quick, easy to whip up, delicious.

Who’s with me?  We paint signs.  We call CNN.  We “leak” an idea to the press.  This thing could get legs!  Before you sign on to do a march on your town square, I best explain the change I want to see.

popeye egg 5Let’s take for instance the perfect “Popeye Egg“.   Some folks, for reasons that are beyond me call them “Mary Tyler More” eggs.  Then there is a gaggle of folks that call them “Hole in One” eggs. popeye egg There seems to be more pictures on Google Images when you type in “Hole in One” eggs.  Whatever you choose to call them, I adore the tasty easy creations.   I love to eat the little round circle or square of mini toast first.  I love how the egg is enveloped in the toasty goodness.  I love how you can cook the egg to the perfect doneness (not a word, just like it) for you.  Mr. Right makes a mean Popeye Egg.  We have used all sorts of bread, so whatever you have on hand is ideal.  We usually have Sesame Sprouted Wheat Bread in the freezer and it makes wonderful toast. popeye eggs 2

The recipe?  Actually, if you look at the pictures, you will figure out the recipe.  Please, don’t make me say it……………Use FRESH eggs, use really high quality bread!   I want to rename them “Polka Dot” Eggs.  I know, I know, people are very fussy when it comes to how they like their eggs.  It just seems like such a happy and cheerful name for a yummy breakfast treat.   Monday morning rolls around and you must have a GREAT Attitude about the day and week ahead.  What you do today, sets the tone for the entire week.  attitude

While biking four miles this morning, the new name came to me.  Like a vision of beauty.  Well, no, these eggs are not visions of beautiful.  They are delicious and fun and easy to make.  Your family will love them and I am guessing will be asking for them over and over.

So get out that Black Iron Skillet and get your cooking groove on.  Your Mr. or Mrs. Right will thank you.  Your kiddos will thank you.  Really, that good.

ps. on a personal note:  Dear Keith Partridge (aka David Cassidy), please for the love of my worn, well-loved, yellowed fan club member card……………..please step away from the alcohol and move towards the light.  I love you man, but you are killin’ me.  Actually, you are killin’ yourself.  Do us fans a favor and lift up a glass of green juice.  Here’s to your good health.  You are worth better choices!

ACK, when did I get so preachy?  I used to tie a ribbon on the “wick” of my mother’s crystal candlestick (for a more realistic microphone)  and stand on the hearth in front of the fire-place (our own 1970’s version of a Karaoke stage) and sing along with you.  You “Pointed me in the Direction of Albuquerque” and I never looked back. 


13 thoughts on “Say Grace for polka dot eggs

  1. I always think of Popeye eggs and Moonstruck eggs, Italian eggs. Because in the movie Moonstruck, Cher’s mother is making those same eggs with red peppers! Everytime I watch that movie I have to make those eggs!
    And now you have made me hungry for them once again! 🙂

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  3. Myla

    When I was a Camp Fire Girl, we called them Egyptian Eggs. Why? I haven’t a clue, but we could earn a badge for making them and flipping them!

    1. Everyone seems to have a different name for them. um.
      I hope your badge came with a certificate suitable for framing.
      Think how great all our kitchens would look if they were covered in
      certificates of achievement of all that we can cook?
      I LOVE that idea. haha
      I love you. Thanks for stopping by.

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