my list & prices

We all know the designer of the red soled shoes.  The pair I have chosen comes to $745.00 christianlouboutin-shoes

Herme scarfI also chose a lovely silk Hermes Scarf for a mere $410.00.

Next up on the list for today,  is the Nancy Gonzales, pink floral Spring bag for $3,500.00.  pink floral bagI know I am not a “pink” girl, but it “spoke” to me.

Finally we have a take your breath away, goes with everything, Prada tote bag, made in Italy for $6,900.00.prada tote bag


That is my shopping list.  If by chance you look at your bank account and notice these exact charges………..YOU WILL KNOW I STOLE YOUR DEBIT card.    If I am going to steal a debit card, I am Going Big or not going at all.  If by some weird happenstance and I do indeed steal someone’s debit card…………I am going to go HOG WILD.  All day long until I drop.

No, I will not be sitting home and ordering ONE pizza (with meat & cheese) with someone else’s money!

If I stole someone’s debit card, hacked their bank account number, I would NOT charge a match dot-com fee of $53.98.  Let me ask you, yes, you the reader, would you feel comfortable dating someone who had to steal a debit card to pay for the initial fee?  Phooey on Honesty………who needs it?  Bad karma coming your way, my friend.

Or, let’s say, you “found religion” and wanted to donate, just for the sake of discussion, $88.78 to an online ministry?  Would you risk the bad mojo/bad karma to steal someone’s debit card and then use said card to pay for your “saving Grace”?

I wanted to type this entire blog post in capital letters.  I was screaming mad.  Then I took a breath.  We happen to have a very nice bank.  They have worked with us to figure out this mess.  We, 99.9% of the time pay cash for things.  So we are lucky that we have cash available to continue on with our lives, paying for things as we go.

I hope while the person who stole our number, went on match dot-com, found the “perfect” match………made a date………….I hope they step in dog do as they walk up to the door to meet their future.

Come on…………..if you are going to be a jerk and steal stuff at least go down in flames.  geesh.

10 thoughts on “my list & prices

  1. Oh my goodness , so sorry this happened to you. Sad people that need to steal to get a date! I had to laugh!!! Morons with bad Karma!! Love ya Girlie!! Blessings,


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  2. Kathie

    Thanks for the great entertainment. I am laughing all the way to the bank, no not yours, the idiot who was looking for a hot time on the town with the preacher mans blessings. Good grief…they need to take some “shopping” lessons.

  3. SilverLinings61

    Oh my gosh! Too bad stealing is no longer a hangin’ offense…glad you are getting it worked out. 😦

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