“The heart of the giver makes the gift dear and precious.” -Luther

When I write a thank you note, I pause and make sure I want to use the word “thoughtful”.  Yes, I want to write a proper thank you note.  Yes, I want to send it to acknowledge that I/we appreciate the time, effort, energy, money that went into what someone has decided to give us.   I honestly try and only use the word “thoughtful” when I really, really mean it.

DSCN3181When I write the next couple of thank you notes, I am using the word thoughtful and I am underlining it. I happen to have a very smarty pants friend , who is equally beautiful, sassy and yes, very thoughtful.  She is going to school to become a doctor.  She will graduate in May.  She will then be on the next level of this journey and become an intern.  To say she is busy, doesn’t even come close to explaining her schedule.  I think it would be offensive to say to her, gee, you must be busy.

Yet, somehow in all her involved life, she bought me a pair of earrings.  Now, I will say they are the silliest, cutest, happiest dang things I ever did see.  The profits of these delightful, cheerful, sassy earrings goes to  Yes, she found a non-profit group devoted to ending the needless suffering of abandoned domestic birds through rescue, rehabilitation, placement and education of the community.  So not only used her very sharp brain to choose a darling pair of earrings that she somehow knew would make me smile, she went a step further and KNEW how happy and impressed and grateful I would for the cause she chose to support.  Yes, we will be sending a donation ourselves.  Next month, our charity envelope will have me dipping in and sharing some dollars.

That my friend is a thoughtful girl, with a very thoughtful heart.

Ever heard the saying the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree? Apparently, she gets her saucy and sassiness from her momma.

We received, yes you guessed it, a very thoughtful gift.  I have always wanted to be a “Salsa girl” no, not the dancing kind….although that would be fun to learn and wear the dancing shoes and the outfits………………………….  no, I mean, the kind of girl who sits with others and dips their tortilla chip into some salsa and laughs and grabs another chip and digs in.  Sure I eat the chips, I laugh, you just don’t see me dipping.  The sauces are a bit to sassy for my taste buds.  I have been learning to eat more flavorful food as of late.  With taking so many things out of my eating line up, I am trying to pack what’s left with oodles of flavor.

I opened the package and was polite about the salsa.  Yes, extremely THOUGHTFUL.  She had checked the ingredient list and it was vegetarian and she knew I could have everything in the jar.  She went onMama-Nanos-Vegetarian-Sauce-Now-at-Safeway and on about how tasty it is.  She said she bought a case to share and most had already been eaten by her and her family.  I was to send her a text when I got home.  I just happen to have double stuffed baked potatoes ready to go for dinner, so this would be a great time to give it a try.  I was to send a text that said either two thumbs up or boo hiss.   I got the tortilla chips down to sample some before I “ruined” my gorgeous veggie filled baked potato.  I took one big bite.  I finished chewing.  I picked up my phone.  I sent the text………….”FOUR THUMBS UP”  I used all capital letters.  I was dancing a jig and smiling and Mr. Right enjoyed it as well.  Now, she bought the mild for me.  However, they sell a zesty that he wants to try.  OH MY GOODNESS.  This salsa has all sorts of veggies and olives and saucy goodness all tangled up in some type of wonderful , flavorful sauce and that sauce just happens to have a zing of vinegar.  Oh, they had me at vinegar.  I just fell in love with this amazing sauce.  I feel like I can have chips and dip like everyone else!!!!!!!!!!  Slap me with a wet noodle while bobbing up and down like a chicken who just found a batch of fresh picked blueberries!  Yes, that good.    Even though I have never had salsa that I have loved, I feel honored and privileged to have a life long friend who would think through the gift and share something that I may have never found.

I promise to share more of the goodness that was tucked inside that bag of surprises on another blog posting or two.

It feels so lovely to be bathed in the Grace of friends.  Friends who have your back.  Friends that will look for things that you can have and enjoy like everyone else.  We all want to fit in.  We are all (well I think everyone is) on the look out for healthy “junk” food we can dive into and lick the bowl clean.  We all enjoy the taste of really flavor packed goodness.  This is something that everyone would enjoy.  So if you are looking for the perfect Sassy Valentine gift , you might consider a jar of love.  She found it at a specialty shop.  They are a local couple here in Washington.  However, I just read where you will be able to find it at Safeway.  The gorgeous red color from the peppers and tomatoes will lure you in, the vinegar will tickle your fancy, the flavor will have you reaching for another chip to dip.

Like mother, like daughter.  I just happen to be the lucky girl who can call both of them my friends.

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  1. The chicken earrings are fabulous! I might have to put those on my gift list!
    The “slap me with a wet noodle” remark made me laugh outloud. Just love your choice of words! That salsa sounds amazing…. 🙂
    xo Joanne

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