worth every penny

Tonight, when a Pierce County Sheriff department officer came to our home, as I was answering her questions, my brain was swirling at the same time.

We guessed her age between 26-30.  She was smart, quick-witted and professional.

Her gun was sinister looking and I do believe she could handle it with a plume.  I saw her number.  I saw her bullet proof vest.

It was after dark by the time she made it to our home.  There are more pressing matters than to take notes and fill out forms for a fraudulent use of a debit card.

Our front entrance is well-lit with a spot light.  The American flag is flying.  The drive way is swept clean and our entrance is inviting and open.  She was welcomed into our home.  We each shook hands.  It was a brief and somewhat friendly encounter.  None of us were hurt and we were  each making jokes to some how ease the sting of being stolen from through the bank card.

I have a feeling that not every home she goes to is well lit, safe and welcoming.

I would not want her job.  It seems like she has a very difficult job.  I noticed her wedding ring.  Her spouse must have “worry” playing in the back ground of his life on a daily basis.

vestThis year, when we add up all the taxes that we had to pay over the last year, I am going to figure out just how many bullet proof vests we helped pay for.  At approximately $550.00 each,  I think it is a wise use of our monies.

May God Bless our Police and Sheriff department officers.  May you be bathed in the Grace of Safety.

A jaunty tip of the hat to you ma’am.  Thank you for a job well done.